Friday, March 23, 2018

Hardin girls’ basketball player Bergan Real Bird (No. 31) congratulates teammate Karissa DuShane for her 3-pointer in the fourth quarter’s final seconds that sent the team into overtime against Billings Central. Real Bird is followed by Hardin Head Coach Cindy Farmer.

‘Anything can happen’

Last-second shot leads to double-overtime win for Lady Bulldog basketball team
Four seconds made all the difference Saturday evening during a basketball shootout at MetraPark between Hardin’s Lady Bulldogs and the Billings Central Rams. Before the 4-second mark in the fourth quarter, Central would have defeated the Ladies 46-49. Now, thanks to a last-moment 3-pointer by Hardin guard Karissa DuShane, they were tied up 49-49 and sent into overtime. Hardin’s fans and players went wild.
Then, at 58-58, they moved into double overtime. The atmosphere became more somber as the teams fortified their defenses. Each shot could be the one that clinched the victory.
The Ladies had trailed behind Central for the vast majority of the four quarters, but slowly wore the Rams down through an extended press and defensive adjustments. Eventually, Hardin came out on top 66-64.
“A game is 32 minutes long – this time, it was 40 – and anything can happen,” Head Coach Cindy Farmer said. “You’re down by 11, then you can be up by 5 or 6.”
In overtime, Farmer said, it was important for a team to “stay composed, stay relaxed, trust your teammates and finish the game.”
Central played using a similar style as Hardin, player-to-player, though the Rams began to push their press in the final minutes of the game when the Ladies took the lead for the first time. Central, Farmer said, was backed up by “really good” post and perimeter players.
Fortunately for the Ladies, she continued, they didn’t give up and held their composure.
Hardin will be playing an away game against the Lodge Grass Lady Indians this Thursday, and the freshman and junior varsity teams will be facing the Miles City Cowgirls at home on Tuesday.