Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hardin runner Aubrey Meiwald hands the baton off to Karly Matt during one of the relay races. The girls placed sixth in the 400 relay and fourth in the 1,600 at the Jock Stop meet in Glendive.The Bulldog boys team placed sixth overall at the Jock Stop meet in Glendive. Running the track for Hardin (from the left) are Kirby Simpson, Mykal Grant, LaQuan Yellowtain and Colter Redden.

11 BULLDOGS place at regular season final

This weekend, the last regular meet of the season for the Hardin Bulldog track teams was held. In Glendive, at the Jock Stop meet, boys and girls teams placed in 14 events.
In boys action, six athletes placed in six events.
In the 200-meter run, Michael Parra raced to fifth with a time of 23.71 and in the 400, Virgil McCormick took sixth place, with a 53.80. Hardin had two placers for the 800 with David Prather taking third with a time of 2:01.67 and Ezekiel Coyote Runs placing fifth with 2:07.84.
In the 1,600 meter, McCormick placed fourth with a time of 4:33.61. In the 1,600-meter relay, the boys placed second running the race in 3:33.55.
Gavin Betts took fifth place in the high jump with a jump of 5-6 and, in the long jump, he placed sixth with a leap of 18-8. Malik Toure placed fifth in the long jump at 19-6 ¼.
For the girls, Hardin had two place in the 1,600 with Journey Erickson coming in fourth with a time of 5:52.34 and Mei Li Stevens running it in 5:52.34.
In the 3,200, the Lady Bulldogs had three runners place. Erickson placed second with a time of 12:33.33, Stevens fourth, running the course in 13:44, and Latisha Not Afraid took sixth with a time of 14:15.69.
In the 100 hurdles, Shea Esp placed third with a time of 17.09 and in the 300 hurdles, Aubrey Meiwald took third with 51.32 and Esp sixth with 54.53.
In the 400 relay, Hardin placed sixth and in the 1,600 relay, they took fifth.
Meiwald placed sixth in the long jump at 15-1 ¾.
This weekend, Hardin will be traveling to Belgrade for the Eastern A Divisional meet. 
Jock Stop meet results
Team scores: Sidney 144, Laurel 117, Miles City 96, Glendive 60, Lewistown 50, Hardin 36, Billings Central 21.
200: Alec Lovegren, Sid, 22.86; Keith Vanderlaan, MC, 23.21; Dawson McGlothlin, Sid, 23.23; Wyatt Heringer, Sid, 23.51; Michael Parra, Har, 23.71; Erik Marquis, Lau, 23.83.
400: Trace Jones, Sid, 50.21; Erik Marquis, Lau, 52.65; Ethan Doty, Lau, 53.23; Cade Cerkovnik, BC, 53.60; Cory Miller, BC, 53.72; Virgil McCormick, Har, 53.80.
800: Tristan Hilgart, Gle, 1:58.55; Drako Henson, Lew, 1:59.61; David Prather, Har, 2:01.67; Ben Longbottom, Lau, 2:05.00; Ezekiel Coyote Runs, Har, 2:07.84; Tanner Trafton, Lew, 2:08.63.
1,600: Levi Taylor, Lau, 4:31.31; Drake Henson, Lew, 4:31.39; Tristan Hilgart, Gle, 4:31.55; Virgil McCormick, Har, 4:33.61; Sam Fulbright, Lew, 4:47.09; Ben Longbottom, Lau, 4:47.66.
1,600 relay: Sidney (Garrison Hughes, Wyatt Heringer, Jared Steinbesser, Trace Jones) 3:29.91; Hardin 3:33.55; Laurel 3:37.82; Miles City 3:37.88; Lewistown 3:41.27; Glendive 3:45.25.
High jump: Michael McGinnis, Sid, 6-2; Jess Bellows, MC, 6-2; Isaiah Renner, Lau, 5-10; Jared Steinbesser, Sid, 5-10; Gavin Betts, Har, 5-6; Jarred Vojacek, Sid, 5-6.
Long jump: Isaiah Renner, lau, 21-7; Caleb Petross, MC, 20-4 1/2; Tyler Burk, MC, 19-10; Malik Toure, Har, 19-6 1/4; Ethan Renner, Lau, 19-4; Gavin Betts, Har, 18-8.
Team results: Laurel, 101; Miles City, 99; Lewistown, 93; Glendive, 91; Sidney, 86; Hardin, 38; Billings Central 16.
1600: Morgan Vosler, MC, 5:18.47; Jessica Elmer, Lau, 5:18.64; Emily Kuehn, Gle, 5:24.64; Journey Erickson, Har, 5:52.34; Mei-Li Stevens, Har, 6:10.78; Emily Smith, Lew, 6:17.50.
3200: Tessa Hill, Sid, 12:32.71; Journey Erickson, Har, 12:33.33; Emily Smith, Lew, 13.36.33; Mei-Li Stevens, Har, 13:44; Haley Broberg, Lau, 14:10.67; Latisha Not Afraid, Har, 14.15.69.
100 hurdles: Marissa James, Lew, 16.45; Jaley Wyse, Gle, 16.81; Shea Esp, Har, 17.09; Ashley Brand, Lew, 17.32; McKenna Friend, MC, 17.44; Kendra Kaufman, Gle, 17.74.
300 hurdles: Jaley Wyse, Gle, 46.73; Ashley Brand, Lew, 51.01; Aubrey Meiwald, Har, 51.32; Bailey Collins, Lew, 52.34; Charlio Vermeire, MC, 52.58; Shea Esp, Har, 54.53.
4x100 relay: Laurel, Aspen Cotter, Samantha Spitzer, Taylor Ludwig, Paige O’Toole, 51.07; Sidney, 52.18; Glendive, 52.91; Lewistown, 52.97; Miles City, 53.16; Miles City ‘B’, 55.84; Hardin, 55.84.
4x400 relay: Laurel, Aspen Cotter, Paige O’Toole, Taylor Ludwig, Jessica Elmer, 4:12.47; Sidney, 4:27.84; Lewistown, 4:31.62; Hardin, 4:35.52; Miles City, 4:46.55.
Long jump: Taylor Ludwig, Lau, 16; Mackenzie Rask, MC, 15-10 ½; Maizie Whicker, MC, 15-4 ½; Brooke Franklin, Sid, 15-3 ¼; Samantha Spitzer, Lau, 15-2; Aubrey Meiwald, Har, 15-1 ¾.