Friday, March 23, 2018

12 Bulldog wrestlers advance to state

Hardin team places fourth at Eastern A divisional tournament
The Hardin Bulldog wrestling team qualified 12 wrestlers for state and overall took fourth place at the Eastern A Divisional Tournament held in Belgrade on Saturday.
State action starts Friday at the Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings.
“We wrestled all right,” said Head Coach Travis Kreiger. “I like our chances at state.”
At 103, Beau Black Eagle placed eighth and is on his way to state. Black Eagle, a freshman, will see state action for the first time.
Kreiger said, “He gets to wrestle in the big barn.”
Keith Pretty Weasel earned a trip to state by placing fifth at 113, when he won a close match, defeating Havre’s Dylan Young 3-2.
“Pretty Weasel did well,” Kreiger said. “He wrestled six of the toughest kids in the division. He has set himself up really well for state.”
At 132, one of the toughest weight classes around, Hunter Popetsaitke placed sixth.
“He’s got a good spot on the state brackets,” Kreiger said. “He has a chance to do good things.”
At 138, Ronald Anderson placed seventh when he pinned Glendive’s Colton Reidel in 2:57. And, at 152, Bryce Roan took first place by defeating Havre’s Connor Harris with a 9-1 major decision.
“Bryce is wrestling well,” Kreiger said. “He is on a collision course with the Polson kid. It will be those two in the finals.”
Conner Schwend, at 160, took fourth place, losing a close 6-7 battle with Sidney’s Avery Gurney.
Kreiger said, “He should do all right at state. He’s in a bracket at state that gives him a good path.”
Brenden Roan placed third at 170, defeating Trevor Dean of Sidney in an 8-1 decision.
“Brenden is set up pretty good for state,” Kreiger said. “He’s up against wrestlers that he has already beaten.”
Justin Zier at 182 took first place when he pinned Nelson Crisafulli in 4:44.
Kreiger said, “He went out and left no doubt. He stuck Crisafulli.”
Also placed at 182 was Gideon Herbel, who took fifth when he pinned Ryan Wyman of Sidney in 3:55.
“Herbel is on a state bracket where he’s going to make some noise,” Kreiger said.
At 205, Will Caprata placed fourth and lost to Brady Boyce of Fergus.
“He’s in a very good spot on the bracket for state,” Kreiger said. 
At 285, Hardin had two wrestlers qualify. Jesse Murdock placed sixth and Preston Bad Bear seventh.
Murdock lost his fifth-sixth round to Archie Swift of Miles City and Bad Bear pinned Enrique Ruiz of Belgrade in 1:53.
According to Kreiger, this week will be spent working out some issues and preparing for the state tournament.
Divisional Wrestling Tournament Stats
1st Place Match - Kaiden Cline (Sidney / Fairview) 40-10 won by fall over mick chagnon (Havre) 35-8 (Fall 5:38). 3rd Place Match - Wyatt Mager (Fergus (Lewistown)) 11-3 won by fall over Matt Foley (Belgrade) 14-14 (Fall 0:35). 5th Place Match - Kolby Hutzenbiler (Sidney / Fairview) 26-10 won by fall over Levi Nunberg (Laurel) 25-27 (Fall 2:07). 7th Place Match - Colton Picco (Fergus (Lewistown)) 10-22 won by injury default over Beau Black Eagle (Hardin) 4-34 (Inj. 0:00)
1st Place Match - Cooper Birdwell (Fergus (Lewistown)) 30-0 won by decision over cameron pleninger (Havre) 39-9 (Dec 9-2). 3rd Place Match - Jordan Darby (Sidney / Fairview) 33-17 won by fall over Braxton Scheeler (Custer Co. (Miles City)) 33-15 (Fall 4:54). 5th Place Match - Keith Pretty Weasel (Hardin) 16-29 won by decision over Dylan Young (Havre) 12-12 (Dec 3-2). 7th Place Match - Cael Nearhoof (Fergus (Lewistown)) 10-18 won by fall over Nate Rowe (Belgrade) 2-17 (Fall 3:33)
1st Place Match - John Mears (Belgrade) 32-3 won by major decision over Lane Paulson (Havre) 35-8 (MD 10-2). 3rd Place Match - Ethan Boyce (Billings Central) 28-10 won by decision over Waylon VanBuren (Sidney / Fairview) 32-17 (Dec 6-5). 5th Place Match - Kolton Reid (Sidney / Fairview) 33-16 won by fall over Hunter Popesaitke (Hardin) 22-22 (Fall 3:17). 7th Place Match - Jackson Dalton (Custer Co. (Miles City)) 13-30 won by decision over Jestin Molnar (Laurel) 27-19 (Dec 9-2)
1st Place Match - Jace Winter (Sidney / Fairview) 41-11 won by fall over Treyvn Nave (Fergus (Lewistown)) 8-6 (Fall 1:59). 3rd Place Match - Keaton Potter (Fergus (Lewistown)) 31-23 won by fall over Jacob Morgan (Billings Central) 36-16 (Fall 3:38). 5th Place Match - Gage Meyer (Belgrade) 11-9 won by fall over Kaid Campbell (Custer Co. (Miles City)) 16-12 (Fall 2:31). 7th Place Match - Ronald Anderson (Hardin) 16-33 won by fall over Colten Reidel (Dawson Co. (Glendive)) 22-29 (Fall 2:57)
1st Place Match - Bryce Roan (Hardin) 47-2 won by major decision over Connor Harris (Havre) 37-7 (MD 9-1). 3rd Place Match - Riley Waters (Sidney / Fairview) 43-11 won by fall over Branden Held (Dawson Co. (Glendive)) 30-14 (Fall 3:02). 5th Place Match - Chase Farrar (Fergus (Lewistown)) 25-7 won by decision over Mason Fend (Laurel) 40-15 (Dec 5-2). 7th Place Match - Kon Speelmon (Custer Co. (Miles City)) 34-21 won by fall over Junior Cady (Fergus (Lewistown)) 11-16 (Fall 2:07)
1st Place Match - Tyler Clapp (Dawson Co. (Glendive)) 41-5 won by decision over Jett Jones (Sidney / Fairview) 44-7 (Dec 4-1). 3rd Place Match - Avery Gurney (Sidney / Fairview) 31-15 won by decision over Conner Schwend (Hardin) 30-14 (Dec 7-6). 5th Place Match - Rob Gunderson (Billings Central) 29-26 won by major decision over Landon Farrar (Fergus (Lewistown)) 23-20 (MD 8-0). 7th Place Match - Sam Despain (Belgrade) 8-7 won by fall over taylor gopher (Havre) 11-11 (Fall 2:55)
1st Place Match - Alex Wickens (Fergus (Lewistown)) 32-4 won by major decision over Mason Dione (Havre) 33-12 (MD 8-0). 3rd Place Match - Brenden Roan (Hardin) 40-7 won by decision over Trevor Dean (Sidney / Fairview) 33-16 (Dec 8-1). 5th Place Match - Cade Dockter (Dawson Co. (Glendive)) 14-15 won by major decision over jazz schroeder (Havre) 15-10 (MD 10-0). 7th Place Match - Kevin Aiken (Belgrade) 15-12 won by decision over Colton Derenberger (Custer Co. (Miles City)) 18-20 (Dec 7-6)
1st Place Match - Justin Zier (Hardin) 35-3 won by fall over Nelson Crisafulli (Dawson Co. (Glendive)) 38-9 (Fall 4:44). 3rd Place Match - Wyatt Blythe (Fergus (Lewistown)) 27-6 won by decision over Shane Gibson (Park (Livingston)) 24-6 (Dec 5-3). 5th Place Match - Gidion Herbel (Hardin) 18-6 won by fall over Ryan Wyman (Sidney / Fairview) 24-30 (Fall 3:35). 7th Place Match - Thomas Cooper (Billings Central) 25-25 won by fall over Gavin Kewish (Belgrade) 5-10 (Fall 4:06)
1st Place Match - Tyler Schaub (Havre) 39-4 won by major decision over Sawyor Thogerson (Sidney / Fairview) 34-15 (MD 10-0). 3rd Place Match - Brady Boyce (Fergus (Lewistown)) 31-12 won by major decision over Will Caprata (Hardin) 37-15 (MD 10-0). 5th Place Match - BJ Hatcher (Laurel) 20-23 won by fall over Tyler Harms (Custer Co. (Miles City)) 33-18 (Fall 4:45). 7th Place Match - Bo Hakert (Billings Central) 19-16 won by fall over Brayan Amaya (Belgrade) 5-13 (Fall 3:26)
1st Place Match - Ryan Horner (Sidney / Fairview) 40-12 won by fall over Keegan Mires (Dawson Co. (Glendive)) 17-9 (Fall 4:33). 3rd Place Match - Austin Ratliff (Havre) 30-9 won by fall over Matt Fulton (Dawson Co. (Glendive)) 25-21 (Fall 1:47). 5th Place Match - Archie Swift (Custer Co. (Miles City)) 21-20 won by fall over Jesse Murdock (Hardin) 25-22 (Fall 0:25). 7th Place Match - Preston Bad Bear (Hardin) 21-26 won by fall over Enrique Ruiz (Belgrade) 10-18 (Fall 1:53)