Saturday, February 24, 2018

Loyd SneedBig Horn Canyon Artist In Residence Loyd Sneed took this photo depicting sunlight shining into Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona.

Artistic ‘walk-about’ scheduled for Sept. 2 in Bighorn Canyon

Loyd Sneed is the third of four Artists In Residence who arrived at Bighorn Canyon in 2017 to enjoy the area’s solitude, work on his art and share knowledge with park visitors. 
Sneed will be offering a “walk-about” on Sept. 2, starting with a short lecture on composition and then a short hike in the park, trail to be determined depending on conditions. Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras. During the hike, Sneed will be available to give feedback and answer questions. The program will start at 5 p.m. at the Lovell Bighorn Canyon Visitor center. Sneed will give a short lecture and then take participants out to a trail in the park to take advantage of the evening light. 
Sneed has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and spent his career developing and implementing DNA-based diagnostics of animal pathogens specific to the agricultural industry. Since retiring in May 2014, his new focus has been on digital photography, specializing in wilderness areas. He is drawn to find a sense of order that can often be found within the natural chaos of the wilderness. 
In an interview, Sneed said, “This artist in residence appointment will be a wonderful opportunity to really spend some time really getting to know a beautiful place. Photography is, first and foremost, always ‘about the light,’ and viewing the same location at different times of the day, cloud conditions, etc., can yield dramatically different results. I am hopeful that this slower, more thoughtful approach will allow for artistic development not otherwise possible.”
This is the second-to-last Artist In Residence program for the summer.
For questions about this program or other park programming, call the Lovell Visitor Center at (307) 548-5406.