Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bulldog wrestlers place third in Colstrip

The Hardin Bulldog wrestling team placed fourteen in the top six and took third place overall at the Coaltown Throwdown in Colstrip last Thursday.
Head Coach Travis Kreiger said, “It was a good tournament for us to going into Christmas break. We were a little flat, but overall we did allright. ”
According to Kreiger, the wrestlers will be practicing over the break.
While Hardin placed third overall they did outscore Easter Division Class A rivals Miles City, Glendive and Laurel. 
Placing third for Hardin at 103 was Beau Black Eagle and at 113 Keith Pretty Weasel also placed third.
At 120, Quintin Watson placed fifth and at 126 Paul Pryor also took fifth place.
At 132 Hunter Popetsaitke placed second and at 138 Ronald Anderson placed fourth and at Jace Guptill placed fifth.
At 145 John Mehling placed fifth and at 160 Conner Schwend placed third and at 170 Brenden Roan took second place.
At 182 Justin Zier placed second and at 205 Will Caprata placed fourth and Aiden Rising Sun took sixth.
At 285 Jesse Murdock placed fourth.
After Christmas break the Bulldogs will see action on Jan. 4, with a dual against Belgrade and on the fifth at the Bozeman Invite.
The JV team will be in Columbus on Jan. 6.
Coaltown Throwdown at Colstrip
Team scores: Colstrip 198.5, Huntley Project 172, Hardin 159.5, Miles City 127.5, Glendive 124, Laurel 79.5, Forsyth 77, Shepherd 76, Baker 50.
Order of finish
103: Clayton Donally, Huntley Project; Levi Nunberg, Laurel; Beau Black Eagle, Hardin.
113: Tanner Cook, Shepherd; Braxton Scheeler, Miles City; Ivan Lee, Laurel; Keith Pretty Weasel, Hardin. 
120: Damian Leidholt, Miles City; Kyler Afrank, Baker; Jaxen Dean, Huntley Project; Bryce Hirsch, Miles City; Quintin Watson, Hardin.
126: Dawson Buckalew, Colstrip; Ashton Christman, Huntley Project; Brenan Hager, Miles City; Jake Murnion, Miles City; TeaJay Fulton, Forsyth; Paul Pryor, Hardin
132: Rylin Burns, Colstrip; Hunter Popetsaitke, Hardin; Blake Zimmerman, Huntley Project; Avery Uecke,r Baker; Trystan Koch, Huntley Project; Ryan Ness, Laurel.
138: Jackson Currier, Colstrip; Nathan Weber, Forsyth; Quentin Wheeler, Baker; Colton Reidel, Glendive; Ronald Anderson, Hardin; Jace Guptill, Hardin.
145: Michael Weber, Forsyth; Nate McAvoy, Miles City; Tyler Enimeth, Laurel; Tucker Craig, Glendive; John Mehling, Hardin; Adrian Arbogast, Huntley Project.
152: Ty Bradley, Colstrip; Brandon Held, Glendive; Sam Schmidt, Huntley Project; Kon Speelmon, Miles City; Hunter Dare, Huntley Project; Levi Beeler, Shepherd.
160: Tyler Clapp, Glendive; Matthew Middleton, Huntley Project; Conner Schwend, Hardin; Cody Blaede, Colstrip; Kameron Powell, Shepherd; Henry Koch, Huntley Project.
170: Nakoda Siegel, Colstrip; Brenden Roan, Hardin; Sonny Cochran, Shepherd; Cameron Younger, Laurel; Tanner Geiss, Huntley Project; Mason Copeland, Huntley Project.
182: Nelson Crisafulli, Glendive; Justin Zier, Hardin; Wyatt Selman, Huntley Project; Gustav Wenz, Shepherd; Trey McAvoy, Miles City; Asher Croy, Huntley Project.
205: Blaine Buchanan, Huntley Project; Tyler Harms, Miles City; Trey Yates, Colstrip; Will Caprata, Hardin; Hayes Meged, Miles City; Aiden Rising Sun, Hardin.
285: Merlin Whitedirt, Colstrip; Keegan Mires, Glendive; Lex Heberle, Forsyth; Jesse Murdock, Hardin; Terry Spotted Wolf, Colstrip; Archie Swift, Miles City.