Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bulldog wrestlers win 7 of 9 duals in Lewistown

The Hardin Bulldog wrestling team traveled to Lewistown last week to compete in the Class A duals. The Class A duals is the one time that all 22 Class A teams are represented and, according to Head Coach Travis Kreiger, it gave them an opportunity to see teams they hadn’t been able to compete against or watch.
The Bulldogs competed effectively in his estimation, winning seven of their nine duals.
“Overall, it was very good,” he said. “We wrestled well.”
Out of the gate in the first round, Hardin went against Dillon, defeating them 61-9. In Round 3, it was Hamilton, with the Bulldogs taking it to the Broncs 55-12.
Against Dillon, Keith Pretty Weasel won by major decision; and Bryce Roan, Justin Zier, Will Caprata and Jesse Murdock all gave Hardin pins. In the dual with Hamilton, Beau Black Eagle, Pretty Weasel, Bryce Roan and Zier all had pins.
Rounds 5 and 7 were the tough for Hardin. First, they lost to Ronan 42-28 and then Havre defeated them 55-18.
“Against Ronan, we were flat,” Kreiger said. “They pinned us in seven of the matches.”
The Bulldogs went on to defeat Billings Central 46-30, Belgrade 56-18, Libby 45-30 and Miles City 46-27. The also defeated Whitefish, but no stats were available.
According to Kreiger, with the state tournament just three weeks away, it’s going to be wide open.
“There is a lot of parity among Class A teams,” he said. “From the No. 1 team to the No. 7 team, it’s going to be interesting.”
The teams that all have a chance are Havre, Sidney, Fergus, Hardin and Glendive from the east; and Polson, Ronan and Columbia Falls from the west.
The Jan. 18 coaches’ poll predicts first place for Sidney, second for Havre, third for Lewistown, fourth for Polson, fifth for Frenchtown, sixth for Hardin, seventh for Glendive, eighth for Columbia Falls, ninth for Ronan and 10th for Libby.
The coaches’ poll also lists Justin Zier at No. 1 in the 182 weight class, Bryce Roan in second place at 152, Will Caprata in second at 205 and Brenden Roan in fifth at 170. 
At Lewistown, Bryce Roan, Brenden Roan and Zier went undefeated. Caprata’s only defeat was to Tyler Schaub of Havre, who holds the No. 1 ranking at 205.
This Thursday, Hardin will travel to Huntley, Friday at Shepherd and Saturday at home for the Hardin Invite. 
Wrestling starts at 10 a.m.
Class A Duals at Lewistown
Round One
Hardin 61, Dillon 9
103 B Black Eagle Hardin won by forfeit; 113 K Pretty Weasel Hardin major dec over F Wagner Dillon 12-2; 120 P Pryor Hardin won by forfeit; 126 Q Watson won by forfeit; 132 H Popetsaitke Hardin won by forfeit; 138 R Anderson Hardin won by forfeit; 145 P Gibson Dillon pinned J Mehling Hardin :32; 152B Roan Hardin pinned C Hoffman Dillon :49; 160 B Tezak Dillon dec over C Schwend Hardin 10-7; 170 T Greenfield Hardin dec over A Norris Dillon 9-4; 182 J Zier Hardin pinned P Christan Dillon :47; 205 W Caprata Hardin pinned P Hales Dillon 1:19; 285 J Murdock Hardin pinned A Weary Dillon :26.
Round  Three
Hardin 55, Hamilton 12
103 B Blackeagle Hardin pinned L Bratsch Hamilton :37; 113 K Pretty Weasel Hardin pinned E Cramer Hamilton :52; 120 P Pryor Hardin won by forfeit; 126 Q Watson Hardin won by forfeit; 132 H Poptsaitke Hardin won by forfeit; 138 B Williams Ham pinned R Anderson Har 1:55; 145 D Moore Ham pinned J Mehling Har 1:12; 152 B Roan Har pinned D Copleand Ham 1:10; 160 T Greenfield Hardin won by forfeit; 170 C Schwend Hardin tech fall H Anderson Ham 16-1; 182 J Zier Hardin pinned K Wanner Ham :33; 205 W Caprata Hardin dec K Anderson Ham 6-2; 285 J Murdock Hardin dec C Whyte Ham 3-2.
Round 5
Ronan 42, Hardin 28
103 T Bartel Ron pinned B Black Eagle Har 1:45; 113 T McAllister Ron pinned K Pretty Weasel Har 1:13; 120 Stagg Ron pinned P Pryor Har 1:20; 126 O Brown Ron pinned Q Watson Har :38; 132 K Ruin Ron pinned H Popetsaitkec Har :50; 145 E Dolence Ron pinned J Mehling Har :49; 152 B Roan Har pinned S Cheff Ron 1:43; 160 C Schwend Har dec H Cheff Ron 3-0; 170 T Greenfield Har pinned D Bishop Ron :22; 182 J Zier Har dec J Mas Ron 10-2; 205 W Caprata Har pinned W Pablo Ron 2:14; 285 J Murdock Har dec S Mocabee Ron 3-0.
Round 7
Havre 55, Hardin 18
103 M Chagon Hav pinned B Black Eagle Har :41; 113 C Pribyl Hav pinned K Pretty Wensel Har 3:10; 120 R Stewart Hav pinned P Pryor Har :46; 126 Q Reno Have pinned Q Watson Har 1:07; 132 L Paulson Have pinned H Popetscatker Har 1:35; 138 R Anderson Har won by forfeit; 145 M Wilkie Hav pinned J Mehling Har 1:33; 152 B Roan Har pinned C Harris Hav 2:48; 160 M Dionne Hav pinned C Schwend Har 1:36; 170 J Schroeder Hav dec T Greenfield Har 14-5; 182 J Zier Har pinned B Stadel Hav 1:56; 205 T Schaub Hav pinned W Caprata Har 5:40; 285 A Rattlif Hav dec J Murdock Har 11-6.
Round 9
Hardin 46, 
Billings Central 30
103 B Black Eagle Har won by forfeit; 113 K Pretty Weasel Har won by forfeit; 120 A Derbyshire BC pinned P Pryor Har 1:34; 126 A Foster BC pinned Q Watson Har 1:57; 132 H Popesaitker Har dec S Comstock BC 17-4; 138 J Morgan BC pinned R Anderson Har 1:35; 145 U May BC pinned J Mehling Har 1:21; 152 B Roan Har pinned P Saliaris BC :56; 160 C Schwend Har pinned R Gunderson BC 1:53; 170 T Greenfield Har won by forfeit; 182 J Zier Har pinned T Coopers BC 1:42; 205 W Capata Har won by forfeit; 285 J Murdock Har won by forfeit.
Round 12, Consolation
Hardin 56, Belgrade 18
103 M Foley Bel pinned B Black Eagle Har 1:31; 113 K Pretty Weasle Har pinned Z Putnam Bel 5:46; 120 P Pryor Har pinned N Rowe Bel :43; 126 J Rockwell Bel pinned Q Watson Har :50; 132 J Mears Bel pinned H Popetsaitke Har :57; 138 R Anderson Har dec G Meyer Bel 10-6; 145 J Mehling Har pinned M Kai Bel 1:27; 152 B Roan Har pinned C Rockwell Bel 1:54; 160 C Schwend Har pinned S Despaen Bel 4;57; 170 B Roan Har pinned K Aiken Bel 2:59; 182 J Zier Har pinned G Kewish Bel :25; 205 W Caprata Har pinned J Roethke :17; 285 J Murdock Har pinned E Ruie Bel 1:15
Hardin 45, Libby / Troy 30
103: Beau Black Eagle  Har won by forfiet 113: Buddy Doolin Libby over Keith  Pretty Weasel Har (Fall 0:35) 120: Zack Morrison Libby) over Paul Pryor Har (Fall 0:55) 126: Mason Sams Libby over Quintin Watson Har (Fall 2:30) 132: Hunter Popetsaitke Har over Cody Crace Libby (Dec 12-10) 138: Trey Thompson Libby over   Ronald Anderson Har (Fall 4:46) 145: Jeffery Offenbecher Libby over John Mehling Har (Fall 1:04) 152: Bryce  Roan Har over Dawson Young Libby (Fall 0:56) 160: Conner Schwend Har over Tim Carvey Libby (Fall 1:49) 170: Brenden Roan Har over Tanner Wood Libby (Fall 1:10) 182: Justin  Zier Har over Ethan Borden Libby (Fall 1:33) 205: Will Caprata Har won by forfiet 285: Jesse  Murdock Har over Cyrus Sweedman  Libby (Fall 1:44) 
Hardin  46, Miles City 27
103: Beau Black Eagle won by forfiet 113: Braxler Scheeler MC over Keith Pretty Weasel Har (Fall 5:15) 120: Damian Leidholt MC over Paul Pryor Har (Fall 2:48) 126: Brenan Hager Har over Quintin Watson Har (Fall 1:32) 132: Hunter Popetsaitke Har over Jackson Dalton MC (Fall 2:29) 138: Kaid Campbell MC over Ronald Anderson Har (Dec 6-2) 145: Nate McAvoy MC over John Mehling Har (Fall 2:39) 152: Bryce Roan Har over Kon Speelmon MC (Fall 0:37) 160: Conner Schwend Har won by forfiet 170: Brenden Roan Har over Trey McAvoy  MC (MD 13-3) 182: Justin Zier Har over Colton Derenberger MC (Fall 3:32) 205: Will Caprata Har over Tyler Harms MC (Fall 4:21) 285: Jesse Murdock Har over Archie Swift (Fall 0:42)