Friday, February 23, 2018

Bulldogs runners prepare for divisional meet

This Saturday, the Bulldog cross-country team will compete at home. Hardin is hosting the Eastern A Divisional Invite.
Both Hardin boys and girls are in contention to be division champs and both teams have continued to improve throughout the season. 
The final regular meet in Helena last week was another stepping stone for the Bulldogs. Hardin traveled there to get a feel for the course because Helena is where the state meet will be held on Oct. 21.
At the Capitol City 7 of 7 meet, the girls team placed 11th overall with a score of 93, behind only Corvallis in Class A action. The boys placed 22nd overall with 165 points.
The 7 of 7 meet is interesting, as it pits each team’s No.1 runner against each other, and so on down the line until all seven members have run.
For the Lady Bulldogs, running without two of their starters, their 11th place finish – second among Class A schools – shows the depth of this team.
Sophomore Johnice Half and freshman Khylah Two Leggins are prime example for Hardin. Half ran the first half of the season on the JV team and for the last three weeks has been running varsity. In Helena, she placed ninth as Hardin’s seventh runner and Two Leggins placed sixth as the Bulldogs’ No. 3 runner – it was her best personal time.
“This is very good experience; they will be getting state experience,” said Head Coach Cindy Farmer. “It’s a great confidence builder.”
In fact, all seven of Hardin’s girls placed in the top 18 of their events.
In the No. 1 race, Libby Nedens placed 15th overall with a time of 20:26. In the No. 2 race, Journey Erickson placed 17th with 21:26.
Running at No. 3 was Two Leggins with 20:53 and at No. 4 was Sharmayne Hardy with 22:52. Two Leggins placed 13th and Hardy 18th.
Running in the No. 5 race was another freshman, Madison Harmer, who placed 15th with a time of 22.26. Running in the No. 6 race was Ivery Fritzler with a time of 23.05 and 15th overall. Johnice Half placed ninth in the No. 7 race with a 22:37
For the boys, the Bulldogs placed 22nd overall with 165 points.
Trajan Hill, Hardin’s No. 1 runner, placed 25th overall with a time of 17:53. Running as No. 2 was David Prather, who placed 24th overall with 18:11.
Hardin’s No. 3 runner was Cayden Redfield, who place 28th with a time of 18:48. No. 4 for Hardin was Taylan Alden, who also placed 28 with 19:11. Running in the No. 5 race was Trae Hugs, who placed 22nd with a time of 19:00.
Tyrell Mountain Sheep ran in the No. 6 race with a time of 19:19 and 21st place.  Running in the No. 7 race was Beau Black Eagle, who placed 17th with a 19:17. Black Eagle ran his personal best time.
“Our pack times are good,” Farmer said. “We just need our times to be faster.”
Saturday, races will start at the practice field by the high school with the middle school runners beginning at noon. Varsity and JV runs start at 1 p.m.
Capital City 7 of 7 Cross Country Meet (Bill Roberts Golf Course)
Team scores (top 15): Bozeman 9, Kalispell Glacier 38, Kalispell Flathead 45, Missoula Hellgate 46, Bilings Senior 54, Helena High 58, Missoula Sentinel 60, CM Russell 67, Billings West 72, Bilings Skyview 86, Corvallis 86, Great Falls High 102, Manhattan Christian 104, Butte 110, Lewistown 110, Helena Capital 110.
No. 1s (Top 7): Cooper West, CMR, 15:33; Duncan Hamilton, Boz, 15:39; Ben Perrin, Flat, 16:12; Isaac Schmidt, MH, 16:26; Teagan Olson, GFH, 16:36; Levi Taylor, Laurel, 16:39; Anders Watt, Cor, 16:42
No. 2s (top 3): Dylan Humberger, Boz, 16:27; Ian Curtis, MH, 16:45; Jonah Fischer, HHS, 16:48
No. 3s (top 3): Leonard McComas, Boz, 16:20; Connor O’Hara, CMR, 17:14; Owen Smith, Sen, 17:16
No. 4s (top 3): Renn Meuwissen, Boz, 16:53; Jesse Dimich-Louvet, Sen, 17:18; Domick Gause-Leger, BW, 17:31
No. 5s (top 3): Nash Grafe, Gla, 17:23; Simon Rosenzweig, Boz, 17:30; James Lefevre, Sky, 17:36
No. 6s (top 3): Seth Vinger, Boz, 16:40; Keagan Stroop, Belt, 17:39; Max Devries, Gla, 17:39
No. 7s (top 3): Brooks Peters, Boz, 17:12; Keegan Siebenaler, Gla, 18:06; Luke Morin, Flat, 18:14
Team scores (top 15): Bozeman 7, Missoula Hellgate 16, Kalispell Flathead 38, Helena Capital 42, Missoula Sentinel 47, Billings West 58, Billings Senior 80, Helena High 81, Corvallis 86, Kalispell Glacier 91, Hardin 93, CM Russell 99, Manhattan 102, Hamilton 119, Mis Big Sky 119, Bigfork 123
No. 1s (top 7): Camila Noe, Boz, 17:49; Bryn Morley, BF, 18:10; Ella Degrandpre, MH, 18:52; Lyric Devries, Ham, 19:23; Jaylyn Hallgrimson, Sen, 19:33; MacKenzie dean, CMR; Kaitlin Wride, Flat, 19:47
No. 2s (top 3): Alex Moore, Boz, 18:58; Anya Young, BF, 19:20; Ellee Becker, MH, 19:21
No. 3s (top 3): Phoebe Jacquez, Boz, 19:08; Elise Stearns, MH, 19:51; Elena Vandersloot, Sen, 19:56
No. 4s (top 3): Bridget Boyle, Boz, 19:12; Katie Munro, MH, 19:40; Aisley Kraske, Sen, 20:05
No. 5s (top 3): Terra Trom, Boz, 19:06; Madeline Swanberg, MH, 19:57; Hailey Allen, Flat, 20:52
No. 6s (top 3): Natalie McCormick, Boz, 19:47; Wren Cilimburg, MH, 20:31; Hannah Perrin, Flat, 20:51
No. 7s (top 3): Lucy Wagner, Boz, 19:31; Sabrina Bryant, MH, 20:06; Emma Rohrer-Fitzhugh, CHS, 20:46