Thursday, February 22, 2018

Darnell Left Hand goes for the lay-up in play against Lodge Grass Friday evening. Left Hand led the Bulldogs with 29 points. Hardin beat Lodge Grass 100-78.Darrian Backbone goes for the short jumper Friday. Backbone led Lodge Grass with 24 points in their loss to Hardin.

Bulldogs take Indians in decades-old rivalry

Hardin breaks century mark for second time in one week
In the style of long rivalries, both the Hardin Bulldogs and Lodge Grass Indians came to play last Friday night. Before a packed Hardin High School gym, the Bulldogs brought home a 100-78 victory.
Even though Hardin is in Class A and Lodge Grass is in Class B, it’s always an exciting and fast-paced style of basketball that fans love to watch.
The first quarter of play started off quick with the Bulldogs taking the lead and running with it. By the end of quarter one, the Bulldogs were up 30-16. While the style was run-and-gun, the Bulldogs showed defensive strength that kept Lodge Grass from penetrating to the basket, forcing them to take the outside shot.
On offense, Hardin with Darnell Left Hand, David Evans, Virgil McCormick and Famous Left Hand had success driving the ball to the inside.
The second quarter was the same, with the Bulldogs outscoring the Indians 20-15, giving Hardin a 50-31 lead by half time.
In the third quarter, Lodge Grass outscored Hardin 27-25, narrowing the Bulldogs’ lead by 2 points. Darrian Backbone led Lodge Grass with 24 points total and Trindell Dawes led the Indians in total rebounds with 6.
The fourth quarter found Lodge Grass in trouble with three players of their starters fouling out. 
The Bulldogs, during the third and fourth started rotating in their entire line-up and, with Lodge Grass’ fouling problems, the Bulldog bench was just too deep for the Indians to contend with. Hardin outscored Lodge Grass by 5 for the victory.
Lodge Grass put the ball up for 80 two-point tries and 31 three-point attempts, compared to Hardin’s 77 two-pointers and 14 three-pointers – it came down to shooting accuracy. 
In 2-point shots, Hardin was 54 percent from the field compared to Lodge Grass’ 36 percent and, from the 3-point line, the Bulldogs made 21 percent of their 14 shots compared to Lodge Grass making 19 percent of their 31 shots. From the foul line, Hardin made 76 percent compared to Lodge Grass’ 63 percent.
Darnell Left Hand led Hardin with 29 points, Famous Left Hand 19 points, McCormick with 18, Evans with 14, Steffan Walks Over Ice with 8 and Holman Real Bird with 6.
Darnell Left Hand led the Bulldogs with a total of 31 rebounds and Evans with 8.
Darrian Backbone led Lodge Grass with 24, Elijah Rogers with 20, Trindell Dawes with 18 and Isiaih Brown with 9.
Dawes led Lodge Grass with 6 total rebounds and Backbone with 3.
Hardin will play Miles City on Friday starting at 7:30 p.m., followed by a Saturday game with Glendive at 5:30 p.m.