Friday, March 23, 2018

Kidd Little Light (left) and Teivon Ramos run during an after-school basketball practice last Tuesday in the Hardin High School gymnasium. Head Coach Andrew Round Face said he is excited to see how the Bulldogs will fare having such a young roster, as the majority of the team are sophomores.

Coach Round Face prepares young team for boys’ basketball season

Andrew Round Face, head coach for the Hardin Bulldog boys’ basketball team, is excited for their upcoming season. With the majority of his team standing over 6-foot-1 – and with eight returning players from last year’s team, including two starters – he thinks they’re off to a good start.
The team began the year with more than 78 potential players out, so he was forced to cut some – the current team stands at 34 players.
“It’s really tough [to choose]” he said. “It’s the part of the job I hate the most…everybody wants to play and be part of a winning program.”
Due to a loss of players from last year, Round Face’s current team consists largely of sophomores but, according to Round Face, he isn’t worried. A younger team, he said, allows the Bulldogs more time to grow.
Round Face said the main thing he wants is for his team to fit together. He believes this cohesion has been helped because the team have been playing and practicing together in basketball camps all summer. These excursions included tournaments branching as far away as North Dakota.
“Most of the varsity players are the ones that came in this summer and work on their own game. They work on their shooting, their dribbling, everything,” he said as his players ran drills nearby.
For his final point, Round Face wanted to stress how important not just grades were to the team, but also school attendance. He said his main goal is to get the players moved on from the school to college, whether it be a four year or a two year program.
“I want them to see there is a bigger world outside of Hardin,” he said, “I’d rather have all the kids in there playing all the time instead of having them sit at home not able to play because of grades.”