Friday, February 23, 2018

Pictured are three of the five Hardin Amateur Athletic Union wrestlers set to compete in Des Moines, Iowa. From the left: Justin Zier, Gidion Herbel and Conner Schwend.Brenden (left) and Bryce Roan will also compete in Des Moines. This tournament is the first time Hardin High School wrestlers have competed in the AAU Freshman/Sophomore National Duals.

Five Hardin wrestlers traveling to Des Moines AAU tournament

Five Amateur Athletic Union wrestlers will be representing Hardin in Des Moines, Iowa starting March 24 in the Middle School National Dual Tournament and Freshman/Sophomore National Duals. AAU will be covering the cost for student participation in the tournament, which will continue into Monday.

The Hardin team includes four sophomores – Gidion Herbel, Justin Zier, and Brenden and Bryce Roan – and one eighth grader – Conner Schwend.

“Expect this tournament to be very tough,” the team itinerary states, “so make sure you are in shape.”

This is the second year the tournament has invited high school freshman and sophomores, and the first year Hardin high schoolers have qualified. Last year, Schwend competed as a seventh grader.