Monday, February 19, 2018

Hardin player Nicole Green reacts to a run by the Lady Bulldogs, along with an opposing player from Sidney.Hailey Cannon makes a run for first base at the top of the fifth inning, when Hardin tied with Sidney 7-7.

Hardin softball team plays catch-up with Sidney, falls 14-9

A Hardin Lady Bulldog softball team home game against the Sidney Lady Eagles started out promising. Following a first inning stalemate – with both teams out in three – Hardin was the first team to score at the top of the second, thanks to a run batted in by Kelly Feller for Demi Uffelman. Then, the Eagles began racking up points, taking seven players to home plate.
A back-and-forth ensued, where each team sometimes played to their potential and sometimes dropped the ball – both metaphorically and literally. Despite some mistakes, Sidney eventually claimed a 14-9 victory over Hardin.
Bringing the score to 1-7 in the Eagles’ favor using a flurry of hard strikes and resourceful steals during the second inning, Sidney let its own defense relax with Hardin up to bat. 
Two fly balls from Hardin bounced off the Eagles’ gloves near the beginning of the third  inning – one in the infield and one in the outfield. These missed opportunities began to wear on the Eagles as Hardin raised the score 4-7 thanks to a second base hit by Nicole Green that allowed two Bulldog runners to score.
By the end of the fourth, the score was 5-7. By the fifth, it was tied 7-7.
A last-ditch run for home by Sidney at the bottom of the fifth was interrupted by an outfield throw from Karissa DuShane to catcher Annie Schneider, who tagged out the Eagle player midway to her destination. The Bulldogs congratulated each other on the shot, moving into the top of the sixth. 
The sixth inning did not bode well for Hardin‘s offense or defense category. Not only did Hardin fail to score, but Sidney increased their lead by 5 points.
With the score at 7-12, each team scored two more points in the seventh inning and called it a game.
Hardin will play at home against Dawson High School starting at 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 11.