Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hardin track teams place in 17 events

Over the past week, Hardin High School track teams participated in two invitationals – Laurel’s Midland Roundtable Top 10 and the John Polich Invitational in Miles City.
The events saw Hardin teams take placements in 17 different events, two from Tuesday’s Top 10 meet and 16 from Saturday’s Miles City meet.
Only Keaunna Mason competed in Top 10. She won the shot put event throwing a distance of 40 feet, 8 inches, beating Bozeman’s Emerald Toth. Mason also placed in discus during the meet, taking third behind Livingston’s Lauren Emter, and Colstrip’s Hailey Poole, whose distance was 19 inches further than Mason’s 121-foot throw.
Many students broke personal best records last Saturday during the John Polich Invitational.
“At our meet in Miles City, we had 19 athletes have their season best performance in their events,” said Head Coach Laura Sundheim. “That is our goal in track: to improve each and every week.”
Miles City
Hardin girls finished second with 87 points and the boys placed 11th of the 12 teams who competed Saturday with 11.6 points.
For the boys, five finished with placements. Hardin’s Tavian Jefferson was sixth in the 400-meter dash with a run time of 55.07 seconds. Trajan Hill also took home a sixth finish, his in the 3,200-meter run, finishing at 11 minutes and 18.81 seconds.
In the 300-meter hurdles, David Prather finished sixth with 47.32 seconds.
Hardin’s Johnny Morgan placed sixth in shot put with a throwing distance of 41 feet, 4 inches.
Christian Rowland finished third in discus, with a 123 feet, 5 inch throw.
Gavin Betts finished seventh in high jump with a height of 5 feet, 6 inches.
For Hardin’s girls, 10 placed at least sixth. In the 1,600-meter Mei-Li Stevens took sixth with a 5:58.68. Stevens also placed third in the 3,200 meter run, finishing at 13:3.04, an improvement over her April 23 time of 13:18.15. Also placing in the 3,200 was Kyrstyn Price, with 13:36.48.
Three Hardin girls took top placements in the 100-meter hurdles. In first was Mikayla Jefferson, finishing at 16.94 seconds. Aubrey Meiwald came in second, at 17.53 and Shea Esp was fourth finishing at 18.4.
The Hardin girls took two in the top four in 300-meter hurdles. Jefferson again took first, finishing in 51.19 seconds; and Elissa Lind finished fourth at 52.64.
In the 4x100 relay, Esp, Meiwald, Jefferson and Noimie Garcia took sixth at 54.13.
Mason finished first in shot put with her 38-foot throw, a 2 foot, 8 inch decrease from her first place throw in the Laurel Top 10 last Tuesday.
She also took first in discus with a throwing distance of 118 feet, defeating Miles City’s second place throw by Savanna Walker by about 4 feet.
In the high jump event, Garcia took sixth with a height of 4 feet, 10 inches.
In the long jump, Lind took third with 15 feet, 9 inches. She then finished first in the triple jump event at a distance of 33 feet, 1.5 inches. 
The next track meet is scheduled for Friday, May 13 in Glendive. Divisionals begin May 20 in Laurel.
Miles City – May 7
Team scores: Sidney 104, Laurel 90.66, Williston (N.D.) 72, Jordan 63, Billings Central 52.16, Miles City 46, Broadus 26.5, Glendive 26, Ekalaka 16, Baker 12, Hardin 11.16, Wibaux 8.16.
400: Trace Jones, Sid, 50.94; Caleb Wall, BC, 53.32; Wyatt Heringer, Sid, 53.51; Tristan Hilgart, Gle, 53.66; Ben Olson, Wil, 54.44; Tavian Jefferson, Har, 55.07.
3,200: Leif Everson, Wil, 10:02.91; Levi Taylor, Lau, 10:18.07; Keaton Mack, Wil, 10:32.84; Tate Thompson, BC, 10:47.47; Taggart Myhre, Lau, 11:15.09; Trajan Hill, Har, 11:18.81. 
300 hurdles: Dominic Martinez, Wil, 41.67; Tanner Fix, Eka, 42.30; Tate Lunde, Wib, 44.61; Blaine Nelson, Sid, 44.64; Chris Abell, Lau, 44.71; David Prather, Har, 47.32. 
Shot put: Micah Holt-Seavy, BC, 45-11; Cord Murray, MC, 45-3; Matt Packer, Bak, 42-9; Craig Sowers, Lau, 42-2; Jayden Holley, Gle, 42-0; Johnny Morgan, Har, 41-4. 
Discus: Cord Murray, MC, 128-0; Jay Randall, Bro, 124-1; Christian Rowland, Har, 123-5; Micah Holt-Seavy, BC, 119-9; John Healey, BC, 119-2; Craig Sowers, Lau, 117-5. 
High jump: Michael McGinnis, Sid, 6-2; Jared Bartlett, MC, 5-10; Ty Stanton, Jor, 5-10; Tyrone Hageman, Jor, 5-10; Quinn McGlothin, Sid, 5-10; Peyton Hanser, BC, 5-6; Gavin Betts, Har, 5-6; Erik Marquis, Lau, 5-6; Shawn Schaefferkoetter, Wib, 5-6; Garrett Greslin, Bro, 5-6; Dakota Penrod, MC, 5-6. 
Team scores: Laurel 107, Hardin 87, Billings Central 66, Baker 51, Miles City 50, Sidney 50, Glendive 32, Broadus 31, Williston 22, Wibaux 10, Terry 8, Jordan 6. 
1,600: Jessica Elmer, Lau, 5:22.81; Kayla Bloomquist, Wil, 5:26.55; Morgan Vosler, MC, 5:28.61; Courtney Hallock, Lau, 5:33.92; Emily Kuehn, Gle, 5:48.78; Mei-Li Stevens, Har, 5:58.68. 
3,200: Morgan Vosler, MC, 12:20.93; Courtney Hallock, Lau, 12:27.67; Mei-Li Stevens, 13:03.04; Tess Ler, Sid, 13:23.27; Kyrstyn Price, Har, 13:36.48; Channing Ellingson, MC, 13:54.56. 
100 hurdles: Mikayla Jefferson, Har, 16.94; Aubrey Meiwald, Har, 17.53; Jaley Wyse, Gle, 17.85; Shea Esp, Har, 18.40; Toni Schieffer, Wib, 18.46; Morgan Miller, Bak, 18.51. 
300 hurdles: Mikayla Jefferson, Har, 51.19; Kendra Kaufman, Gle, 52.09; McKenna Goettlich, Lau, 52.58; Elissa Lind, Har, 52.64; Caila Mcomber, Lau, 52.76; Olivia Hanser, BC, 54.58. 
4x100 relay: Billings Central 52.11, Laurel 52.46, Baker 53.49, Broadus 53.55, Sidney 53.81, Hardin 54.13. 
Shot put: Keaunna Mason, Har, 38-0; Riata Smith, Ter, 35-1 1/2; Tarissa Phipps, Jor, 34-2 1/2; Savanna Walker, MC, 34-0; Amanda Mittlestadt, Gle, 33-3 1/2; Olivia Kober, Sid, 31-7 1/2. 
Discus: Keaunna Mason, Har, 118-0; Savanna Walker, MC, 113-11; Paige O’Toole, Lau, 112-07; Taya Helstad, Wil, 105-1; Olivia Kober, Sid, 103-10; Amanda Mittlestadt, Gle, 99-7. 
High jump: Jade Smith, BC, 5-0; Sage Collins, Bro, 5-0; Halie Warren, MC< 5-0; Melissa Breitbach, Bak, 4-10; Ashley Venable, MC, 4-10; Noimie Garcia, Har, 4-10. 
Long jump: Halie Warren, MC, 15-11; Taylor Ludwig, Lau, 15-10; Elissa Lind, Har, 15-9; Jaley Wyse, Gle, 15-4 3/4; Jade Smith, BC, 15-4; Kiarah Coulter, Bro, 15-0. 
Triple jump: Elissa Lind, Har, 33-1 1/2; Sarah Earley, Bro, 33- 1/2; Jade Smith, BC, 32-3; Morgan Miller, Bak, 32- 1/2; Madison Reddick, Bak, 31-11; Sabrina Wolcott, Lau, 31-5.