Friday, March 23, 2018

Freshman Academy students Bowen Gardener and Lachte Smith look through past Hardin High School yearbooks to compare differences between  the past and modern times. These papier-mâché animals were made by Hardin High school art students.

HHS Freshman Academy creates virtual timeline

Hardin High School’s Freshman Academy students recently took their last of four trips to the Big Horn County Historical Museum. Students went there to do research for their English class final: a virtual timeline on the history of Hardin High School, and the city itself.
The students worked in groups, researching old records and yearbooks, covering subjects such as the high school’s age, the Native American student population, and different principals through the years. Museum volunteers taught each group how to properly handle old books and records using gloves.
The goal of the project was to compare and contrast differences in the school from 1900 to present day, and to educate new students and teachers.
Academy student Morgan Rogers was in charge of the subject of “human interests.”
“There will be new people coming here,” she said. “They’d want to know things about this school and about this community.”
The students also feel it is important for local residents to get a glimpse of the types of projects and work done by students at the high school.
The Academy students’ last trip  included a barbecue with parents invited, and a full tour of the museum with museum employee Randy Schoppe serving as tour guide. There, students connected where their research and the history buildings intertwined. For instance, papier-mâché animals in the museum were made by Hector Alvarado’s Hardin High School art students in 2002.
The Freshman Academy’s reading teacher Kasey Koehler found that the museum was a very positive experience for students.
“It gave the kids a different respect for the school – seeing the history behind it – as well as an opportunity to see how to write a research paper,” she said.
The final project may be viewed on the high school’s main website at