Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Trajan Hill, first in for Hardin and second overall, ran the course in 18:20. The Bulldogs placed first overall with 34 points.Journey Erickson places fifth overall and second for the Bulldogs. Erickson ran the course in 22:17. The girls team won the invite with 31 points.

It’s a clean sweep for Bulldog cross-country

It didn’t mater whether it was varsity, JV or middle school, the Bulldog cross-county teams dominated on their home ground at Gas Cap Hill, taking first place at every level.
“Everybody counts,” said Head Coach Cindy Farmer. “I’m pleased with our entire program.”
For the varsity girls, all seven finished in the top 14 with six of those finishing in the top 10. In boys action, five finished in the top 12 and three in the top 10.
Both team placed first, with the girls scoring 31 points and the boys 34.
In the girls run, coming in first for Hardin and second overall was Libby Nedens, who ran the course in 21:23. Second in for Hardin and fifth overall was Journey Erickson at 22:17. 
She was followed by Sydney Little Light who ran to a seventh place overall finish in 22:45. Charlie Bell Rock came in eighth overall with a time of 23:10. Khylah Two Leggins was fifth in for Hardin and ninth overall with a time of 23:48. She was followed by Madison Harmer with 23:55. The last in for Hardin and 14th overall was Ivery Fritzler with a time of 24:52.
According to Farmer, one of the important things in cross-country is pack time. Pack time for the top five ladies was just a little over two minutes.
In boys action, it was Trajan Hill who was first in for Hardin and took second place overall. Hill ran the course in 18:20. Two seconds later, it was David Prather, taking third place overall.
“Hill and Prather push each other to be better and the two of them push the other members of the team,” Farmer said.
Third in for the Bulldogs and ninth overall was Taylan Alden. Alden ran the course in 19:31.
Fourth in for the Bulldogs and 11th overall was Trae Hugs with a time of 19:43, and crossing the finish line seven seconds later for a 12th place finish overall was Cayden Redfield.
Pack time for the scoring five was just about 1 ½ minutes. Last in for the boys varsity team was Clement Not Afraid with a time of 21:45.
“They knew it was going to be tough,” Farmer said. “Gas Cap Hill, and combine that with the heat, it was a challenge. We need to continue working on getting our times down.”
This Friday, the Bulldogs will be running on another hilly course when they travel to Lewistown for their meet.
Hardin Invitational:
Team scores: Hardin 34, Laurel 56, Colstrip 79, Miles City 101, St. Labre 124, Billings Central 125, Plenty Coups 163.
Top 10: Levi Taylor, Lau, 17:33.05; Trajan Hill, Har, 18:20.03; David Prather, Har, 18;22.53; Hank Pretty On Top, Lodge Grass, 18;49.02; Tate Thompson, BC, 18:59.35; Haden Wilson, Lau, 19:14.44; Alex Mitchell, MC, 19:19.49; Rivers Anderson, Col, 19:20.41; Taylan Alden, Har, 19:31.44; Marlan Goes Ahead, PC, 19;37.86.
Team scores: Hardin 31, Colstrip 65, Miles City 65, Laurel 73.
Top 10: Grace Timm, Lau, 20:27.7; Libby Nedens, Har, 21:23.2; Whitney Hanson, Col, 21:50.5; Morgan Volser, MC, 21:54.4; Journey Erickson, Har, 22:17.9; Sarissa Hagemeister, MC, 22:31.1; Sydney Little Light, Har, 22:25.6; Charlie Bellrock, Har, 23:10.3; Khyla Two Leggins, Har, 23:48.8; Madison Harmer, 23:55.5.