Friday, March 23, 2018

Lady Bulldog CC team places second at Billings Invite

Libby Nedens places fifth in a field of 130 runners
The Lady Bulldog cross-county team is on a roll again this year. Last year’s state champs walked away from the Billings invite taking second place with a score of 73, four runners finishing in the top 15, and two in the top 10. Only Billings Senior, scoring 57, had more runners in the top 10 with three. Senior placed first overall.
“I’m very happy,” said Head Coach Cindy Farmer. “This group of girls works well, encourage and push each other.”
From a Class A standpoint, the Ladies’ nearest competitor was Miles City with 217 points.
As with last week, Libby Nedens led the pack for Hardin, taking fifth place overall with a time of 19:48.79. Charlie Bellrock placed eighth overall with a time of 20:20.85. Also finishing in the top 20 for the Lady Bulldogs were Sydney Little light who placed 14th overall with a time of 20:30.68 and Journey Erickson who ran the course in 20:37.12 to a 15th place finish.
“The pack time for the top five was less than two minutes,” Farmer said. “Our times are closer together than at this point last year, but we need to continue working on our pack times.”
Coming in fifth for Hardin and 31st overall was Khlah Two Leggins with a time of 21:40.62.
Also finishing for the Ladies was Sharmayne Hardy at 22:12.25 for 40th overall and Madison Harmer placing 44th with a time of 22:34.59.
The boy’s placed 10th overall – but against Eastern A teams running, Hardin led the pack. At the Eastern A time trials, held two weeks ago, Hardin came in second behind Laurel, but at the Billings Invite Hardin outran the Locomotives 250-295 in team scoring.
Trajan Hill was in the top 20 for Hardin at 16th place with a time of 17:31.58 with David Prather coming in second for Hardin and 39th overall with a time of 18:16.17.
“Trajan had a good race,” Farmer said. “Prather had a little foot problem. He’ll be back in good shape for the meet this Friday.”
The pack time for the boys is solid for this early in the season, with about 2.5 minutes separating the seven runners. Pack times for the scoring five is less than two minutes.
According to Farmer, these pack times are also better than last year at this point.
Third in for the Bulldogs was freshman Taylan Alden, who ran the course in 18:36.9, coming in overall in 51st place. He was followed by sophomore and first-year runner Cayden Redfield at 18:51.21 and 83rd place overall.
Fifth in for the Bulldogs was Caleb Wallace with a time of 19:11.73 and 102nd overall.
Sixth and seventh were Tyrall Mountain Sheep with a 19:57.65 and Trae Hugs at 20:00.93.
Farmer pointed to Prather, Hill and Wallace as team captains: “They are really pulling these guys together, and showing support and encouragement to our younger runners.”
This Friday, Hardin will be hosting their meet at Gas Cap Hill in Crow Agency. The middle school will run starting at 4 p.m. with junior varsity and varsity following.
Team scores: Sheridan, Wyo., 74; Cody, Wyo., 119; Billings West 132; Billings Senior 151, Natrona County, Wyo., 155; Glasgow 172; Powell, Wyo., 190; Worland, Wyo., 199; Billings Skyview 202; Hardin 250; Laurel 295; Lewistown 303; St. Labre 383; Buffalo, Wyo., 386; Colstrip 396; Thunder Basin (Gillette), Wyo., 470; Shepherd 483; Sidney 486; Red Lodge 493; Lovell, Wyo., 494; Billings Central 520; Plenty Coups 611; Miles City 625.
Top 20: Brian Gonada, Sheridan, 16:36.78; Levi Taylor, Laurel, 16:36.90; Ethan Wilson, Senior, 16:55.5; Bailey Smith, Cody, 17:03.07; David Standish, Sheridan, 17:04.64; Logan Straus, West, 17:04.72; Jake Halligan, West, 17:04.78; Alan Merritt, Powell, 17:10.43; Kaeston Carothers, Natrona, 17:10.65; Tate Thompson, Billings Central, 17:13.44: Sam Fulbright, Lewistown, 17:14.82; Jadon Swalstad, Worland, 17:22.12; Bridger Lamb, Skyview, 17:22.3; Ellis McKean, Glasgow, 17:28.11; Ike Braaten, Glasgow, 17:28.34; Trajan Hill, Hardin, 17:31.58; Finn Bentler, Senior, 17:31.66; Alex Garber, Sheridan, 17:34.04; Owen Smith, Senior, 17:35.34; Nathan Kessler, Buffalo, 17:37.38.
Nate Yeadon, Natrona, 17:38.86; Boone Schmaltz, Roberts, 17:39; Hank Pretty On Top, Lodge Grass, 17:42.31; Dominik Gause-Leger, West, 17:44.2; Jon Sanchez, Cody, 17:46.02; Garett Avery, Sheridan, 17:46.3; Tucker Houlihan, Skyview, 17:52.24; Tymer Goss, Sheridan, 17:56.65; Tucker Lynn, Cody, 17:58.08; Andy Van Ornum, Roberts, 17:58.69.
Rylan Mocko, Worland, 17:59.08; Connor Fink, Sidney, 17:59.93; Wyatt Burichka, Cody, 18:00.24; Wilson Overby, Glasgow, 18:00.45; Tyler Pfeifer, Powell, 18:02.5; James Caldwell, Lovell, 18:02.12; Joey Hernandez, Powell, 18:06.48; Owen Preston, Cody, 18:07.07; Brennan Hagar, Natrona, 18:07.76; Ashe Sperry, Skyview, 18:15.18.
Merlin McKean, Glasgow, 18:16; David Prather, Hardin, 18:16.76; Nathaniel Nelson, Worland, 18:17.75; Drew Morris, Cody, 18:18.49; Victor Olvera, Worland, 18:19.45; Patrick Richardson, Shepherd, 18;21.53; Mason Henry, Natrona, 18:22.8; Connor Etzelmiller, Natrona, 18:25.86; Gavin Fairlee, Skyview, 18:26.78; Kobee Bigback, Colstrip, 18;31.34.
Logan Meyer, West, 18:31.38; Van Gottwals, West, 18:33.06; Goes Ahead Martin, Plenty Coups, 18:33.12; Taylan Alden, Hardin, 18:36.9; Hayden Gall, Senior, 18:37.04; Iven Pieper, Natrona, 18:37.11; Colin Queen, Powell, 18:38.71; Zach Mansheim, Thunder Basin, 18:40.24; Sam Fagan, West, 18:40.85; Ryler Melton, Lewistown, 18;41.78.
Joshua Sisolak, St. Labre, 18:42.1; Haden Wilson, Laurel, 18;43.7; Joseph Ross, Senior, 18:46.23; Cayden Redfield, Hardin, 18:51.21; Jayden Yates, Powell, 18:53.98; Logan Wisenbaugh, Lewistown, 18:54.99; Tegan Medicine Bull, St. Labre, 18:55.99; Peter Demars, West, 18:57.35; Chris Finch, Natrona, 18:58.14; Ethan Doty, Laurel, 18:58.56.
Wyatt Shaw, Sheridan, 18:59.14; Timothy Brown, Sheridan, 19:01.03; Jacob Velasquez, Buffalo, 19:01.17; Bernardine, Fisher, St.  Labre, 19:01.79; Maddox Rubie, Red Lodge, 19:02.2; Quinton Downam, Red Lodge, 19:02.59; Jacob Meiers, Glasgow, 19:03.75; Chance Miller, Lewistown, 19:04.03; Peter Brown, Colstrip, 19:04.49; Gabe Webster, Worland, 19:08.67.
Brent Snyder, Lovell, 19:09.25; Ethan Gradwohl, Laurel, 19:09.31; Rivers Anderson, Colstrip, 19:09.57; Lames LeFevre, Skyview, 19:09.96; Connor Chase, Skyview, 19:10.1; Caleb Wallace, Hardin, 19:11.73; Ryan DeVries, Roberts, 19:13.52; Kai Lynn, Cody, 19:13.8; Robert Hurt, Skyview, 19:14.63; Joey Jurewicz, Thunder Basin, 19;20.04.
Anthony Florez, Senior, 19:20.52; Johnny Herr, Laurel, 19:21.05; Jesse Erickson, Powell, 19:21.41; Ezra Stanger, St. Labre, 19:22.32; Jaden Mickelson, Worland, 19:23.27; Sean Bullard, Colstrip, 19;23.76; Isaac Manders, Laurel, 19:32.58; Marc Wodahl, Buffalo, 19:38.3; Wade Walksalong, Lame Deer, 19:39.22; Barrett Friese, Buffalo, 19:40.88.
Cole Roberts, Sidney, 19:44.54; Alex Wickens, Lewistown, 19;45.49; Cooper Austin, Miles City, 19:46.46; Aundre DeCrane, St. Labre, 19:48.6; Trey Crazymule, Shepherd, 19:54.32; Kyler Burton, Colstrip, 19;55.4; Tyrall Mountain Sheep, Hardin, 19:57.65; Cameron Avent, Red Lodge, 19:58.06; Chris Caldwell, Thunder Basin, 20:00.71; Trae Hugs, Hardin, 20:00.83.
Team scores: Billings Senior 57, Hardin 73, Billings West 85, Cody, Wyo., 129; Sheridan, Wyo., 134; Miles City 217; Natrona County 236; Billings Skyview 270; Thunder Basin (Gillette, Wyo.) 290; Colstrip 302; Laurel 320; Glasgow 335; Lovell, Wyo., 341; Red Lodge 350; Lewistown 358; Sidney 377; Roundup 388; Powell, Wyo., 399.
Top 20: Tiahna Vladic, Senior, 17:52.15; Grace Timm, Laurel, 19:28.1; Riley Smith, Cody, 19:36.69; Jaylyn Hallgrimson, Senior, 19:46.12; Libby Nedens, Hardin, 19:48.79; Avery Potter, Natrona, 19:52.42; Jade Hallgrimson, Senior, 19:56.02; Charlie Bellrock, Hardin, 20:20.85; Sarissa Hagemeister, Miles City, 20:22.8; Baylee Stafford, Cody, 20;24.18; Katelynn Perfitt, West, 20:28.02; Morgan Vosler, Miles City, 20:28.95; Kendall Barrie, West, 20:30.21; Sydney Little Light, Hardin, 20:30.68; Journey Erickson, Hardin, 20:37.12; Kayla Kolppitcke, Powell, 20:42.48; Sara Jensen, West, 20:45.79; Whitney Hanson, Colstrip, 20:48.65; Elena Vandersloot, Senior, 20:49.68; Kailee Stoppel, West, 20:50.73.
Tahja Hunt, Thermopolis, 20:55.55; Emberlyn Hoffman-Gaschke, Skyview, 20:59.92; McKenna Bomengen, Thermopolis, 21:00.1; Josie Fettig, Sheridan, 21:01.36; Trinity Preston, Sheridan, 21:09.68; Peyton Lipp, West, 21:12.15; Sylvia Brown, Sheridan, 21:19.62; Aisley Kraske, Senior, 21:22.68; Erin Woolley, Cody, 21:22.75; Kate Moran, Sheridan, 21:31.9.
Hannah Hirschi, Skyview, 21:32.96; Madyson Willis, Natrona, 21:35.83; Khlah Two Leggins, Hardin, 21:40.62; Halle Sampson, West, 21:45.04; Andria Mourich, Laurel, 21:47.58; Annabelle Olsen, West, 21:51.82; Janelle Brien, Sidney, 21:51.92; McKinley Christopherson, Sheridan, 21:58.58; Denise Battles, Ryegate, 21:58.71; Shae Klamm, Thunder Basin, 22:00.16.
Katie Jacobsen, Red Lodge, 22:05.39; Kya Johnson, Colstrip, 22:15.14; Sharmayne Hardy, Hardin, 22:15.25; Karlee Burton, Lovell, 22:16.86; Laiten Lantis, Terry, 22:20.59; Genevieve Sauers, Cody, 22:23.73; Lena Stands, Plenty Coups, 22:28.8; Emily Kolstad, Glasgow, 22:29.47; Madison Harmer, Hardin, 22:34.59; Mehgan Hanson, Thunder Basin, 22:39.21.