Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Hardin girls’ cross-country team ran to a Class A State championship in Helena, Mont. on Saturday. This is the first time the Lady Bulldogs have taken home back-to-back state trophies.Tuesday afternoon, Hardin High School held a pep rally for the Hardin girls cross-country team. The two-time state champs were honored by Hardin Mayor Jack Lane and Crow Tribal Chairman A.J. Not Afraid as well as coaches and school administrators. Trajan Hill, on the far left, and David Prather, on the far right, came in first and second for the Hardin Bulldogs. The boys placed fifth out of 22 teams competing in Class A action at state last weekend.

Lady Bulldog runners take back-to-back state championships

With only 42 seconds separating their top five scoring runners, the Hardin Lady Bulldogs took home the Cross Country State Championship for the second year in a row.
“They ran with a lot of courage and confidence,” Head Coach Cindy Farmer said. “I couldn’t be happier for them and I’m very proud of the way they competed.”
This is the first time that the Lady Bulldog cross-country team has ever won back-to-back state titles.
At the state meet held in Helena last weekend, the first Bulldog across the finish line for Hardin was Sydney Little Light, who took ninth place overall. While eight runners came in ahead of Little Light, it was the 42-second pack time of the top five runners that secured Hardin’s state trophy. The Ladies beat out second place Corvallis 68-101.
 “They were not going to be denied,” Farmer said. “They ran for each other.”  
Little Light ran the course in 20:14. Second in for Hardin was Khylah Two Leggins, who placed 10th overall with a time of 20:23. Third in for the Ladies was Libby Nedens, who placed 15th overall with a time of 20:42.
Fourth in was Journey Erickson, who placed 16th overall with a time of 20:45. Erickson was followed by Charlie Bellrock, who took 18th place overall by running the course in 20:56.
Placing sixth for Hardin and 48th overall was Madison Harmer, who ran the course in 22:19. Placing seventh and 49th overall for Hardin was Sharmayne Hardy with a time of 22:27.
In boys’ action, the Bulldogs placed fifth overall. 
“They competed hard,” Farmer said. “They gave it everything they had.”
Last year, the boys placed seventh – this year, they’re fifth. With only one senior on the team, they are young both experience-wise and grade-wise.
“They did a great job,” Farmer said. 
Except for David Prather, all the varsity starters will be back next year with experience under their belts.
Trajan Hill was the top runner for the Bulldogs. He placed 16th overall with a time of 17:31.
Second in for Hardin was David Prather, who came in 21st overall with a time of 17:44. Third in was Cayden Redfield with 18:19, and 46th overall and fourth was Trae Hugs with an 18:22 and 50th overall.
Fifth in for the Bulldogs was Taylan Alden with a time of 18:34. Sixth in was Beau Black Eagle and seventh was Tyrall Mountain Sheep. 
2017 Montana state cross-country results
Class A Boys
Team scores: Corvalis 109, Frenchtown/Alberton 133, Columbia Falls 144, Fergus 152, Hardin 195, Polson 196, Laurel 205, Hamilton 215, Belgrade 216, Havre 216, Browning 243, Whitefish 280, Ronan 310, Park 336, Beaverhead County 383, Dawson County 394, Billings Central 482, Sidney 529, Custer County 529, Libby 602, Stevensville 652.
Top 25: Levi Taylor, Laurel, 16:29; Matt Wilson, Hamilton, 16:34; Anders Watt, Corvalis, 16:40; Gabe Knudsen, Columbia Falls, 16:42; Noah Majerus, Fergus, 16:51.
Sam Fulbright, Fergus, 16:59; Quin Stewart, Polson, 17:11; Tyler Schmautz, Frenchtown, 17:12; James Normandeau, Ronan, 17:17; Austin Jones, Havre, 17:18.
Joe Lamb, Columbia Falls, 17:18; Luke Lutz, Frenchtown, 17:19; Jake Jessop, Corvalis, 17:19; Brock Rugg, Frenchtown, 17:20; Tate Thompson, Central, 17:20.
Trajin Hill, Hardin, 17:31; Grant Martin, Corvalis, 17:35; Ase Ackerman, Dawson, 17:38; Jacob Keller, Havre, 17:42; Conor Pierson, Park, 17:42.
David Prather, Hardin, 17:44; Jackson Thorn, Belgrade, 17:47; Rigby Poulsen, Hamilton, 17:47; Ryker Melton, Fergus, 17:49; Connor Fink, Sidney, 17:52; Jonah Ducharme, Polson, 17:52.
Class A Girls
Team scores: Hardin 68, Corvallis 101, Polson 101, Whitefish 115, Beaverhead County 192, Havre 209, Hamilton 232, Frenchtown 256, Fergus 260, Laurel 264, Custer County 301, Columbia Falls 321, Belgrade 324, Libby 391, Park 391, Browning 421, Sidney 439, Dawson County 455
Top 25: Beatrix Frissell, Polson, 19:15; Lyric Devries, Hamilton, 19:39; Naima Crowl, Polson, 19:51; Emily Kuehn, Dawson, 19:55; Morgan Vosler, Custer, 20:01.
Brynnli Poulsen, Hamilton, 20:05; Grace Timm, Laurel, 20:06; Ella Greenberg, Whitefish, 20:10; Sydney Little Light, Hardin, 20:14; Khylah Two Leggins, Hardin, 20:23.
Kailee McCready, Corvallis, 20:30; Kadia Miller, Havre, 20:33; Lilli Day, Corvallis, 20:36; Molly Sitter, Polson, 20:40; Libby Nedens, Hardin, 20:42.
Journey Erickson, Hardin, 20:45; Lizzy Mattson, Frenchtown, 20:49; Charlie Bellrock, Hardin, 20:56; Jessica Henson, Whitefish, 21:06; Kaylee Nystrom, Havre, 21:06.
Larissa Saarel, Park, 21:08; Lindsey Brooks, Ronan, 21:12; Kara Wissenbach, Corvallis, 21:13; Albany Jessop, Corvallis, 21:20; Braya Hobson, Whitefish, 21:27.