Saturday, February 24, 2018

Aubrey Meiwald shoots for a 2-point field goal as Glendive’s Taya Torres attempts to block from behind. Meiwald led the Bulldogs with 17 points in Saturday’s game.

Lady Bulldogs hold on to No. 1 spot in Eastern A Conference

Last weekend, Hardin’s Lady Bulldogs played two conference games, competing against Glendive’s Lady Red Devils and the Miles City Cowgirls. This marks their halfway point of the season.

After these games, the Lady Bulldogs remain ranked No. 1 in the Eastern A Conference with a record of 5-1, just above Billings Central at 4-1.

Hardin vs. Glendive

In Friday’s game against Glendive, every team member from the Lady Bulldogs made it onto the scoreboard with at least 2 points, resulting in a 71-41 win.

Hardin’s Aubrey Meiwald and Karissa DuShane led the team in points scored with Meiwald at 17 and DuShane at 11.

DuShane and Sharmayne Hardy obtained four fouls – most of which were gained early in the game – and were in danger of fouling out.

“We just have to clean up in some of our areas of defense,” said Head Coach Cindy Farmer. “We have to move our feet and not reach. We can’t be putting teams on the foul line.”

Despite the Bulldogs’ 24 fouls in one game, the team’s 22 assists and 32 rebounds ultimately gave them the edge.

“They were being unselfish and making the extra pass,” Farmer said. “When they do that, good things happen.”

The Lady Bulldogs ended the first period with a comparably high score of 18 to Glendive’s 1. Farmer gives credit to the defensive pressure shown by the Lady Bulldogs.

“With our defense, we really transitioned well and got some steals on the press with some easy layups,” she said.

In the first quarter of the game, a technical foul was called against Glendive due to misinformation, where a player’s number was reported into the scorebook incorrectly. A technical foul can be called when a player wears an illegal number or changes their jersey number during the game without reporting the change to the scorers.





Hardin vs. Miles City

Saturday’s game versus the Miles City Cowgirls gave the Lady Bulldogs their second loss of the season, ending the game at 40-79.

The first period ended with a low score of 6 to Miles City’s 24 – an 18 point difference.

“We just did not handle their pressure well at all,” Farmer said. “Fifteen of our turnovers were steals and [Miles City] capitalized on that, and that’s 30 points right there.”

The Bulldogs also obtained 30 turnovers by the end of the game.

Only three players from the Bulldogs held a score above 5 points. Evanna Wallace led the Bulldogs with 13, followed by Nechia House and Aubrey Meiwald with 6.

“I think once Miles City was making runs, that put on the pressure where you try too hard,” Farmer said. “We had shots, but we just couldn’t hit them.”

At halftime, the Lady Bulldogs scored 20 points while Miles City gained 45.

“I just think we didn’t settle and play our game once we got down,” Farmer said. “We just need to learn from that and move on to be ready for the next game. There’s going to be adversity and you just have to overcome it.”

Laurel will host the Lady Bulldogs next on Jan. 28.