Friday, January 19, 2018

Hardin’s Evanna Wallace shoots a 2-point jump shot over Miles City’s Ashlie Larson. The Miles City game was the last for the Lade Bulldogs this season.

Lady Bulldogs knocked out of divisionals with 1 win, 2 losses

This year, divisional basketball tournaments were a bit different than previous years. Dubbed as “Super Divisionals”, teams from Central and Eastern Class A divisions were combined, giving any four teams the chance to move on to state tournaments.

This week, the Lady Bulldogs went 1-2, losing match-ups against Miles City and Fergus while taking one victory over Dawson County.

Browning, from the Central division, went home as the Central/Eastern division champions.


Last Wednesday’s 12-point loss to Fergus of the Central Division had scores-per-quarter that were nearly matched up until it came down to the fourth quarter, when Fergus outscored Hardin two-fold 22-11.

By the end of the first quarter, Fergus had gained a 5-point lead over Hardin 16-11.

The Bulldogs nearly took the lead in the second quarter, scoring 4 points more than Fergus – 17-13 – taking the halftime score to 28-29.

Coming out of the third quarter, the Bulldogs were still unable to gain the lead.

Both teams made an additional 18 points, bringing the 1-point Fergus lead to 47-46.

In the fourth quarter, Fergus added 22 points, two times more than Hardin’s 11, finishing the competition with a 57-69 Bulldog loss.

Point leaders for Hardin were Madisan Chavez, Karissa DuShane and Sayra Long Fox. Chavez and DuShane both finished with 13 points. Long Fox finished the game with 9 points, two rebounds and one steal.

           Dawson County

Thursday’s competition against the Dawson County Lady Red Devils brought the Lady Bulldogs their sole win of the divisional tournaments.

At the end of the first quarter, the Lady Bulldogs had gained a 3-point lead: 15-12. 

In the second quarter, both teams scored under 10 points. The Lady Bulldogs made an additional 8 while the Lady Red Devils took in another 6, giving Hardin a 5-point lead over Dawson County 23-18 at halftime.

Both teams’ score for the third quarter were evenly matched, each gaining 14. The Lady Bulldogs held their 5-point lead with the third period score at 37-32.

In the final quarter, the Lady Bulldogs added 19 points to their score while Dawson County gained 11, taking the final score to 56-43 in favor of Hardin’s Lady Bulldogs.

Point leaders for Hardin were DuShane, Chavez and Aubrey Meiwald. DuShane finished the competition with 19 points and three assists. Chavez contributed 14 points and two assists. Meiwald followed with 13 points, seven rebounds, five steals and two assists.

Miles City

Friday’s match-up against Miles City was the “loser-out” game for the Lady Bulldogs and ended in a 6-point deficit.

In the first quarter, Hardin scored 3 points, a 13-point difference to Miles City’s 16.

Hardin, gaining an additional 15 points, managed to outscore Miles City in the second 15-10. Miles City still held the lead at 26-18, an 8-point difference.

In the third quarter, Hardin once again outscored Miles City 16-9, bringing Miles City down to a 1-point lead: 35-34.

In the final quarter, Hardin was unable to stop Miles City from extending their lead. Miles City outscored Hardin by 5 points – 22-17 – taking the final score to 57-51 in favor of Miles City.

Point leaders for Hardin were DuShane, Meiwald and Sharmayne Hardy. DuShane and Meiwald each contributed 15 points. Hardy finished with 7 points, five rebounds and four assists. Notably, Meiwald had 11 rebounds.