Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hardin softball player Natalie Edgar slides to get the ball last Thursday during a game with the Dawson County Red Devils.

Lady Bulldogs outmatched by Dawson in 19-3 loss

After a 2-2 tie between Hardin’s Lady Bulldog softball team and Dawson County’s Red Devils, the Ladies’ home game quickly went downhill last Thursday starting with a 5-3 lead by Dawson in the second inning. 
By their third time at bat, the Ladies were down 8-3, by their fourth 16-3 and by their fifth 19-3 to end the game early.
On the bright side, Hardin player Demi Uffelman managed to send the ball over the fence during the bottom of the first inning, scoring a home run and gaining the Ladies their first 2 points of the game. 
Nicole Green also made it to home, scoring the team’s third point thanks to a bunt in the second inning by Kristin Procter. Procter, however, was tagged out in the process on her way to first base.
The Ladies will be traveling to divisionals on Thursday, May 18 in Glendive where they will face their first opponent at noon: the Miles City Cowgirls.