Friday, March 23, 2018

This group of children completes their confirmation ceremony, establishing them as members of the Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Back row, from the left: Jessica Kehler, Avery Schubert, Ethan Schubert, Joespeh Gasvoda, Gradion Herbel and Sam McCall. Front row: Lydia McCall, Taylor Gasvoda and Alyse Liming.The Redeemer church building is pictured as it is today. Since its beginning in 1949, the congregation has seen 16 pastors.An undated photo of the Redeemer Lutheran church building shows how it looked before the construction of the new addition in 1961.

Redeemer Lutheran Church congregation celebrates 75 years of ministry in Hardin

Hardin’s Redeemer Lutheran Church celebrated its 75th anniversary last Sunday, July 9. Both the sermon given by Pastor Willis McCall and the picture slideshow presented at the lunch afterwards showed just how much history there is behind the church.
The Redeemer church first started when the Missouri Synod, a branch of the Lutheran Church, sent Rev. Arnold Gierke on a prospective mission to the Hardin area in 1939. He welcomed the assignment, for if successful, his mission would be extended by a decade. 
The church building was constructed in 1949, and dedicated in 1950, but Gierke had held services since January of 1940. The idea for a new parsonage was considered and a new church addition was built in 1961, with over 3,000 volunteer hours given by members of the community.
Pastor Gierke preached at Redeemer for 11 years. Though he couldn’t attend the 50th anniversary of the church because of Parkinson’s disease, he sent a letter stating he would keep the congregation in his prayers. 
“I have many fond memories of my years at the Redeemer,” he wrote. “May the Lord Bless this endeavor.”
Pastor McCall, has spent two of seven years in the ministry preaching at Hardin, as well as being a teacher in Billings. McCall, the 16th pastor to preach at the Redeemer, has ancestry within the ministerial world, as his father-in-law Pastor James Koss preached at the Redeemer for 11 years.
According to McCall, the congregation is excited for the 75th anniversary.
“Anything in life has its ups and downs, and the church is no different,” he said. “When you get to an anniversary like 75, and you see how much God has blessed you during that time, it’s something worth celebrating.”
Redeemer Lutheran church is located on 323 N. Crawford Ave. Sunday school is at 9 a.m. and services are 10:30 a.m. on Sundays.