Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Joe Caton

‘New talk shows’ awaken Joe to ‘chemtrails’

A conversation with Joe Caton
BHCN: Hi, Joe. Did you just try to call me back?
Joe: Yep.
BHCN: I wonder what happened. All I heard was a bunch of static, so I hung up and called you. 
Joe: I don’t know. Maybe the wind is blowing my words away today.
BHCN: Yeah, where are you?
Joe: I’m home.
BHCN: Did you get out on the river today?
Joe: I was out earlier, early this morning. The river is high. I don’t know what the flow is, but it’s high.
BHCN: I just checked the lake’s website and it says the river flow is just under 6,000 cubic feet per second (cfs).
Joe: Oh, okay.
BHCN: What’s puzzling is they seem to be trying to lower the lake level. The inflow is about 4,300 and the outflow is right at 5,900 cfs. The lake is now down to 88 percent full and it was more than 90 percent about a week ago.
Joe: I imagine they must be getting ready for water to come in from the Wyoming end.
BHCN: That makes sense.
Joe: Even though the river is high, it’s fishing well. Six thousand is pretty high.
BHCN: It’s high enough to flush out all the reds and the gravel bars.
Joe: Yes, it is. 
BHCN: Is it getting to the point that it would be dangerous to navigate now?
Joe: Oh, yeah. The river changes and this is well over twice the normal flow. You have to watch your wading and watch out for the current. It’s much faster now.
BHCN: With that high of flow, you can’t wade your normal spots, can you? 
Joe: No, no, it changes, but even though it’s high it’s cleaning up the river. There’s not a lot of moss out there now. It’s not changing channels or causing erosion. Six thousand is about as much as you want. If it gets up towards [8,000] or so, then the banks start washing pretty bad.
BHCN: And the islands start changing too, don’t they?
Joe: Oh, yeah. It sure has been a pretty day today – a bit windy, but nice.
BHCN: I haven’t noticed much wind here in Hardin. So, you’re saying it’s pretty windy in St. Xavier.
Joe: Oh, yes.
BHCN: What’s the speed of the wind?
Joe: I’d say it’s gusting somewhere around 25 to 35 miles per hour.
BHCN: Those are pretty good gusts. We have a pretty steady wind from the south that has a max of five miles per hour.
Joe: I just checked the thermometer and it’s 63 degrees. It’s nice out.
BHCN: Yes, it is. I was checking the forecast and it doesn’t look so good. It’s supposed to start raining around 8 p.m. tonight, and change to snow around midnight and snow until around 6 a.m. On Monday and Tuesday, it’s supposed to be really windy and Wednesday, it shows cloudy but no rain or snow. Then Thursday and Friday, the snow starts again, but the temperatures during the day – in the mid-30s to mid-40s – are too high for snow, so it will probably be rain. 
Joe: Well, this time of year the temperatures won’t stay cold long. You might get some moisture out of the deal, but I think we’re over the hump with this warmer weather.
BHCN: After looking at the forecast, I started filling my wood holders in the house and, all the while I was doing that, the temperature was in the 60s. I kept thinking, “Man, it seems too nice to snow,” but this is Montana and we’ve had lots of wet snow, even in April.
Joe: What I’ve been reading on the web and in the news is we’ll see more of this type of weather, because of the effects of the chemtrails. We will have 40-degree weather and snow.
BHCN: Chemtrails; I’m not familiar with that term. What are they?
Joe: The chemicals that are being dumped into the atmosphere.
BHCN: Really, who’s doing that?
Joe: You know, that’s a good question. 
BHCN: Are they trying to seed the clouds for more moisture, or what?
Joe: It sounds to me like it’s just to alter the weather and I’m not sure why. The chemicals are pretty bad stuff, according to the stories.
BHCN: Attempting to alter the weather. Man, that sounds interesting and threatening at the same time.
Joe: Well, they’re attempting to alter something. They’re saying it’s due to climate change and, apparently, it’s not just over the United States, but over the entire globe. That ties into my concern. I’m seeing a real decline in the cottonwoods along the river. They’re just disappearing. 
BHCN: Cottonwoods are disappearing along the Bighorn?
Joe: Yeah, there isn’t any young growth of cottonwoods along the river and the old growths are in bad shape. It’s not from lack of water, since they’re growing along the river. The only trees doing well are wild olives. The big old cottonwoods are still there, but when you look at them, there are a lot of dead limbs all over. Some are over 40 percent dead. All along this valley and all over this country, there has been a pretty good growth of cottonwood trees along the rivers and creeks. Right now, I’m not seeing any new growth and that concerns me.
BHCN: I just went out on the web and checked on chemtrails. There seems to be a controversy about it. There are reports saying it’s just another conspiracy theory claim, another is reportedly an Air Force whistleblower saying yes, most definitely there are chemicals being spread in the atmosphere. There’s one site put together by several scientists and they report spending a lot of time researching the claims but, from what little I read, they could not definitely disprove the claims enough to convince any conspiracy theorist. That’s something that might be worth investigating.
Joe: Yes, there is a lot of controversy on it. I’m outside a lot and there are times when there are checkerboard trails in the sky – either chemtrails or normal vapor trails. They don’t dissipate like a normal vapor trail behind a jet. They’re a kind of brownish, sluggish-looking stuff and instead of the normal, short vapor trail, these are much longer and just hang in the sky.
BHCN: Every time I’ve looked up at the vapor trails, I never noticed any that hung around very long. Some do hang longer, but they’ve always looked like normal clouds.
Joe: It’s something I hear on the new radio talk shows; I’ve never seen it in the regular news shows.
BHCN: Other than trying to keep from getting blown away, what have you been doing today?
Joe: I’m prepping up my garden area – actually, prepping up my big garlic patch. I picked up some garlic from Leo Seder and Dr. Ostahowski, and planted it several years ago. There are little sprouts popping up now. I didn’t get it all harvested like I should have last year. I’m cleaning up my garden area. I don’t have a big garden area, but I like a few fresh tomatoes and my garlic patch.
BHCN: So you have hope for spring.
Joe: There you go. I’m prepping up my farming.
BHCN: We’re tired of all the cold and snow and, out on a beautiful day, believing spring is actually going to come.
Joe: I took the scoop or snow shovel out of the back of my pickup today.
BHCN: We do have to go through our rigs, clean out the winter survival things and replace them with the normal survival things.
Joe: Yeah, like fly rods and waders.
BHCN: Joe, it’s time to say goodbye again. One of these days, we’re going to have to just talk without the concern of taking up too much room in the newspaper.
Joe: That would be nice. Have a great week.