Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chief Plenty Coups State Park manager off to Makoshika

Letter to the editor
I recently transferred from Chief Plenty Coups State Park in Pryor and accepted a new position with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks as the new Makoshika State Park manager. Along with this position, I will also manage three other parks including Medicine Rocks State Park. 
I loved Chief Plenty Coups State Park, the staff and going to work every day. Along this Chief Plenty Coups State Park journey, I met a lot of great tribal leaders and gracious Crow friends. You know who you are and I will miss you all. 
Makoshika was just too good of an opportunity to turn down. It is our largest state park in the system and finished first during our classification scoring. I’m loving the new parks I’m currently exploring and the new challenges I’m facing. I’m sure I will work with some of you in the future and I will always keep Crow Nation in my heart.
Christopher Dantic