Friday, March 23, 2018

Joni Schaff

Generosity abounds both from and to seniors

Senior Center News
From one senior class, to another – the Hardin High School Class of 2016  donated $250 to the Hardin Senior Center. It was received with appreciation. The purchase of a  new clock for the dining room is being considered and this will help buy it.
A thank you was received from the staff of the Child and Family Service in Hardin for the donations made each month from the Senior Center. The items needed for the September delivery are hair ties and small hand sanitizer. All items are appreciated.
The wrong year has been printed about the annual open enrollment period for Rx plans. The date is not for 2016 plans, it is for 2017 Rx plans. The dates are Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 to review your current plan, and keep your plan or opt for a new one. 
The new plans will not be available until the end of September. SHIP Counselor Patricia Fischer is in the Hardin Senior Center Office from 2-4 p.m. The phone number is (406) 665-9768. She can help guide you through the process. She also can assist with Medicare and Social Security sign-ups. Closer to open enrollment date, you may call for an appointment.
We held the birthday dinner on Aug. 17. Guests included Rachel Parker, Elaine Malensek, Betty Sjostrom, Shirlene Baumann, Verne Wagenaar and Robert Bennett. The hostess, Katherine Koch provided a nicely decorated guest table, candy treats and a special gift for one man and one woman.
The birthday cake was provided by Shirley and Cliff Groombridge from the IGA bakery with pretty pastel decorations.
First Interstate Bank supports the Senior Centers of Hardin and Lodge Grass by paying for the ingredients of the birthday meal. Bank employee Lisa Williams volunteered to help serve the meal to our patrons.
The Senior Citizens Association has donated to the Council on Aging meals and transportation programs.
A 50-50 raffle was held during birthday dinner. The winner was Helen Uffelman, who donated her $32.50 back to the Association.
A reminder that the checkout option is available at Reese and Ray’s IGA in Hardin. At checkout, if you’d like to donate a dollar, you can put your name on the “paper can” and it’s displayed on the wall at the front counter. For each dollar donated, First Interstate Bank will match and donate to the Hardin Meals On Wheels program.
The September calendar menu is available at the Hardin Senior Center. Stop in at 317 N. Custer Ave. in the Little Big Horn Center Complex. Our phone number is (406) 665-2581.
Hardin Senior Center menu:
Thursday, Aug. 25 – turkey tetrazzini, vegetables, dessert
Friday, Aug. 26 – fish and chips, vegetables, salad, dessert
Monday, Aug. 29 – spaghetti, salad, vegetables, garlic bread, dessert
Tuesday, Aug. 30 – spinach salad, sandwich, relish tray, dessert
Wednesday, Aug. 31 – chicken, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, dessert
Thursday, Sept. 1 – burger bundles, potatoes, vegetables, dessert
Lodge Grass Senior Center menu:
Friday, Aug. 26 – turkey enchilada, tossed salad, vegetables, fruit cocktail cake
Monday, Aug. 29 – Polish sausage and sauerkraut, baked potato, orange Jell-O, biscuit, chocolate chip cookie
Wednesday, Aug. 31 – potato soup, sandwich, apricot upside down cake