Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Grant Marsh expansion offers opportunity to explore nature

Letter to the editor
Editor’s note: This letter was written in response to a plan by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to purchase 425 acres of land south of the Grant Marsh Wildlife Management Area near Hardin.
Our property borders Grant Marsh, and we have lived here since 2004. The access is a great place for fishermen, hunters and campers.  
Yes, there are a lot of Russian olive trees – a lot of wildlife depend on these trees for part of their diet. The roads, well, they are typical fishing access roads along rivers and wilderness areas in Montana. Grant Marsh is not a K.O.A. or city park. What do you want, paved roads? 
There isn’t a lot of river property left that outdoorsmen and their families can enjoy. A lot of local people come to Grant Marsh just to walk and train their dogs; they bring their children. It is also a favorite place for photographers. Many paintings from Hardin’s own Harry Koyama are from the Grant Marsh Fishing access.  
You should walk around down here, it’s beautiful. I believe it would bring more money and people into our community.
We believe the expansion would be a good thing. Come on, enjoy the natural outdoors!
Sherry Noel
North Valley