Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hardin residents consider denial and cancellation of benefits unfair

Letter to the editor
I sincerely hope this concerns many of you.
I went to work at age 16 and was forced to retire in 2012 due to complications of pneumococcal pneumonia. 
Sixty-six years I worked – paid all the taxes and Social Security. I sometimes worked two jobs. I got laid off a few times, but never once drew unemployment, which I felt was a handout like welfare. I draw Social Security, which I earned, and I also have supplement insurance.
My wife Sue was forced to retire in 2016 and started using Medicaid, also drawing under $800 in Social Security.
I applied to the state for help to pay my Medicare insurance, which is $109 per month and, because we get more than $1,750 combined, I was denied and Sue was cut off Medicaid. We think this is very unfair. 
They told us the feds set this rule. If this is true, and we are appealing this decision, the feds should get their heads out of their backsides – including Sens. Steve Daines and Jon Tester. I used to have the utmost respect for these men, but if this is what they let happen, I lost it.
My wife and I are not looking for any handouts, just our fair share. I know we should have saved when we were younger, but hindsight is – and always has been – 2020.
My hope is that enough people contact the feds so this could and can be changed.
Jim and Sue Wilson