Saturday, February 24, 2018

Health care: challenges go both ways

Letter to the Editor
U.S. Sen. Steve Daines responded recently to my family’s concerns about the government taking away medical care from local Montanans. He wrote: “It is important to stress that, as I travel across all 56 Montana counties, I have heard countless horrible stories about how Obamacare has hurt hardworking Montana families.” 
We need him to represent the countless horrible stories on both sides in this issue. Trumpcare would cause a return to the horrible stories that occurred before Obamacare. 
I know plenty of Democrats willing to look at both demographics – those benefiting and those hurt since Obamacare began. Is Sen. Daines joining Trump in totally trashing and burning Obamacare, along with the tremendous gains made in health care in Montana? Can he separate himself from Trumpcare? 
Some Democrats and Republicans are willing to acknowledge both the hardworking folks harmed by Obamacare and those who will be harmed by Trumpcare if it passes, and fix it together. Sen. Daines does not seem to be among them. 
This is a two-sided issue and we need to work together. Our nation’s families cannot win with the zero sum game so far staged by most of our citizen and business leaders now in government. It’s difficult to stand with the minority interested in the health care of all the families of Montana who have trouble accessing the system.
David Graber