Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ray Dale

Library DVDs focus on Montana, past & present

Literary Junction
I have said it in the past and still maintain that I do not like advertising the fact that we have at the Big Horn County Library a large collection of DVDs available for checkout. It is my feeling that a public library is all about books, and it saddens me that we check out around 1,200 videos a month and only around 400 books. 
We do, however, have one section of DVDs I personally enjoy. The Non-Fiction section of DVDs is located on the far wall to your right as you come to the top of the steps on the first floor. All the DVDs have a red sticker with “Non-Fiction” printed on the side. In this section is a large selection of historical documentaries, cultural documentaries, videos of live shows by comedians, videos about current social issues, wildlife videos and much more. 
Some of these are centered on topics of local interest, such as one that examines the Lewis and Clark expedition in the early 1800s, entitled “Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corp of Discovery.” Another video, put out by Reader’s Digest is entitled simply “Glacier National Park” and goes into depth about the formation of the park, its unique scenery and its sights. 
One collection of “Non-Fiction” DVDs that might be of particular interest is put out by Montana PBS and is entitled “Backroads of Montana.” This is a collection of programs by the same title that aired on Montana PBS. They explore little known aspects, especially people, around Montana. This collection includes programs from as far back as 2009 and goes on up to include programs as recent as 2017. William Marcus hosts these programs from different sites around Montana.
Finally, a program entitled “Cakes and Cowboys,” which actually aired 2009, goes to Park City, Mont., where they learn the secrets for lofty angel food cake from “The Cake Ladies.” They then visit the largest Tonka Toy collection in the world at a museum in Winifred. They then pay their respects in Great Falls at a unique Montana Veterans Memorial, which honors living veterans as well as those who have died. They also spend time with a working cowboy singer Bob Petermann on his ranch south of Wibaux. This is just one of the videos available in this collection. There are many more whose topics follow the same theme.
As I said above, we have a large collection of DVDs for checkout and I am sincerely glad that we do. If you are one who likes to check out videos at the Big Horn County Library, please continue to do that. At the same time, however, take the opportunity to take a look at some of those in the “Non-Fiction” section, and while you’re at it, you might take the chance to take in our other collection – that being the three floors of books.