Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ray Dale

Library prepares for visit from Christian author

Literary Junction
At the Big Horn County Library, we have a variety of types and styles of books available. One of the most often visited areas is the “Family/Christian” section on the top floor. There are a number of authors whose books are located here including: Karen Kingsbury, Beverly Lewis, Lauraine Snelling, Lori Wick, Wanda Brunsetter and – one of the more popular authors – Tracie Peterson.
Tracie Peterson is a Kansas native who now makes her home in Belgrade, Mont. with her husband Jim. She has well over 100 books to her credit and views her writing as a Christian ministry. She says of her writing that her first and foremost desire is for the reader to totally fall in love with God. She goes on to say that one cannot love God or anyone else if we do not know them. That being said, she tries through her writing to help the reader become more acquainted with God and how he works in the lives of those seeking to do his will.
Many of Mrs. Peterson’s books are written in the form of a series, often as a trilogy. Among these series are: The Alaskan Quest Series, The Brides of Gallatin County Series, Heirs of Montana Series, The Westward Chronicles and The Yukon Quest Series. This is, however, by no means an exhaustive list of her work. 
Her books are historical fiction with a thread of romance included and take place in a variety of locales – one of the most popular among Big Horn County Library patrons being, of course, Montana. 
Mrs. Peterson also writes standalone novels, the most recent of which was released in January 2017 and is entitled My Valentine. In this novel, which is set in 1835, a prominent son meets a Jewish shop girl, igniting a forbidden love. It also includes a bonus story by Sally Laity, entitled Little Shoes and Mistletoe
In addition to telling you a little bit about Tracie Peterson and her work, it also is my pleasure to announce that she will be visiting the Big Horn County Library at 4 p.m. on April 12, 2018. This date is still a ways out, and we certainly will be doing reminders and advertising between now and then to make sure people remember to put this date on their calendar so they can attend. 
In the meantime, if you are already a fan of Tracie Peterson or would like to start reading her stories, we have a great selection on the second floor. Stop in and check out one of her books.