Friday, February 23, 2018

Joni Schaff

Low-income property owners could save money through MDR tax assistance program

Senior Center News
Montana Department of Revenue has a property tax assistance program to aid those who might need some financial help this year. Here is how it works.
Eligibility income guidelines for the program are as follows:
A single person making $0 to $8,505 annual income or a married or filing head-of-household person making $0-$11,339 has an 80 percent reduction in taxes.
A single person making $8,505 to $13,041 or married or filing head-of-household person making $11,340 to $19,844 in annual income will have a 50 percent reduction.
Finally, a single person making $13,042-$21,262 or married or filing head-of-household person making $19,845 to $28,349 will have a 30 percent reduction in their property taxes.
To qualify, you must own or currently be under contract to purchase a home or mobile/manufactured home, and live in the home as your primary residence for at least seven months of the tax year.
To determine your eligibility, the department will verify your 2015 federal-adjusted income, excluding capital and income losses. For a single applicant, your income must be less than $21,262 and $28,349 for married applicants and head-of-household. A spouse’s income is included regardless of whether they are an owner of the property. If you are new to Montana, include a copy of your federal income tax return with your completed application.
If your only income is from social security, veterans’ benefits and/or other nontaxable sources, include a copy of your social security statement or other income documentation with your completed application.
Property owners who were in the program as of Dec. 31, 2014, do not have to reapply.
New applicants are required to apply the first year only. 
Once you have applied for the program, the Department of Revenue will notify you each year whether you qualify.
Your application must be postmarked or hand delivered by April 15.
The Department of Revenue in Big Horn County is located on the third floor of the Big Horn County Courthouse. The phone number is (406) 665-9710.
The application form is simple. Put in the property owner name, birth date, social security number, phone number and mailing address on the top portion. The next are three questions to answer, followed by the property owner’s signature.
For mailing addresses of the 56 local county Department of Revenue offices call 866-859-2254.
Don’t hesitate to follow up on this property tax relief. Staff at the Department of Revenue will be glad in helping you fill out the application.
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