Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ray Dale

Quilt show deadline set for April 18

Literary Junction
This year’s National Library Week was a fairly low-key event at the Big Horn County Library. To be honest, it kind of snuck up on us and was here before we realized. We did have our Montana trivia contest, and a number of people walked away with a card protector or key lanyard. Thanks to all who participated in that activity.
Last week, we had a visit from representatives of the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program. This program targets teens and young adults to encourage them to quit or not start using tobacco products. Every Christmas, they sponsor the library’s “Memory Tree.” Patrons are able to write the name of a family member or someone they know who has been lost to cancer on an ornament, then place it on the tree. These ornaments are then taken and made into a wreath, which is displayed during the next Christmas holiday. 
In the fall this past year, the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program planted tulip bulbs in our little flower garden by the flagpole, and the ladies from the program were very excited to see that those were producing flowers already this year. They also put up a large poster on the main floor showing the dangers of tobacco use. Along with the poster, they left coloring pages for kids who would like to participate in the “Choose to Bee Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Free” coloring contest. The pages are on the main floor, along with small boxes of crayons. 
On a completely different note, with the deadline being up on Tuesday, April 18 for filing income tax, we took down the Montana State income tax form display. The forms are still available, you will just have to ask at the front counter for them along with any federal forms you may need. Unfortunately, we still have no federal instruction booklets.
And for all you quilters out there, our annual quilt show is quickly approaching. This year, all entries must be turned in by May 24 and no late entries will be accepted. The entry forms are available at the library front desk. 
Quilts will go up for display on Friday, May 26 and remain until Friday, July 7. So, if you have a new quilt you’ve finished or just one you’re very proud of, be sure to enter this year. Don’t wait too long, though. As I said earlier, these sorts of things have a way of arriving before you know it.
There’s a lot going on at the Big Horn County Library. Be sure to get in and see it all for yourself.