Saturday, February 24, 2018

SieAnna Real Bird (foreground), who serves as Ms. Rodeo Crow Fair 2017, rides her horse through the Edison Real Bird Memorial Complex during Crow Native Days.

Strong community effort helps Native Days Rodeo

Letter to the Editor
Seth Whiteclay, 2017 Crow Fair rodeo manager, finished up the Crow Native Days rodeo the afternoon of June 24 successfully with many happy rodeo cowboys. 
Indian cowboys brought the spectators action-packed afternoons in every event. There were smokes and sparks from the ropes as the Indian ropers competed during fierce competition. Then, we saw glistening spurs from the bronc riders as their horse bucked with fury in the wind with every jump. Indians are a competitive race, especially when it comes to rodeo, and we saw that competitive nature take place during Native Days. 
Crow Chairman A.J. Not Afraid and his staff helped the rodeo organizers and believed in them to produce an “open rodeo” that would resonate with Crow youth and people of other Indian tribes. 
War Pony provided the bulls; Mark and Sarcee Real Bird brought their prized bucking horses; and Mike Limberhand, Mike Tatsey and Ivan Small moved in their livestock for the timed events. Vernon (Buzzy) and Micah Whiteclay served as excellent rodeo announcers throughout the events. Also crucial were the rodeo spectators, without whom the event could not succeed.
The rodeo was conducted in a professional and timely fashion. That’s quite important to rodeo cowboys who travels many miles and compete all year around. They expect to see an organized rodeo with competitive stock and fast-running timed event livestock. 
Many sponsors contributed to the Native Days event, starting with local families including the Lincolns, Beaumonts, White Clays, Laforges and numerous youth (too many to name). They were at the gates, chutes and catch pens. Also, don’t forget the Fantastic Four: Clyde Pretty Paint, Wilson White Hip, Anthony Springfield and Ronald Anderson.
Further contributors were the Hardin FFA youth and Cowboys for Christ ministers. Benita Jay – a very experienced and knowledgeable rodeo secretary – provided Crow Native Days with professional service for our rodeo cowboys.
Whiteclay decided on an open rodeo because he wanted a fair playing level for our Indian rodeo competitors. He sees the talent we have in our Indian youth and wanted to elevate their hopes. Mothers actually came over and wanted to know where to bring their children to learn how to ride rough stock or learn to rope.
He was happy to see the interest from our youth. According to Whiteclay, if he could see the smiling faces of the youth, then he knew he had reached one of his goals.
The less politics within the rodeo world, the better it is for the youth to compete. Rodeo is meant to be a sport, and like all sports, you train all year and spend thousands to keep your horses in the same shape. The visiting cowboys will surely tell other rodeo competitors that Crow Nation still produces the best Indian rodeo in the world. 
See you all Crow Fair and Rodeo, scheduled from Aug. 16-20. 
2017 Crow Native Days Rodeo 
Bareback – 1. Kiln Salway, 62 points ($2,110)
Steer Wrestling – 1. Wacey Real Bird, 4.73 seconds ($948); 2. Jade Small, 5.77 ($711); 3. Emerson Long, 5.86 ($474); 4. Ty Fischer, 6.04 ($237)
Ladies Breakaway – 1. Kana Tucker, 2.38 seconds ($990); 2. Elauna Nelson, 2.84 ($742); 3. Megan Lunak, 3.12 ($495); 4. Syndey Not Afraid, 4.23 ($247)
Open Team Roping – 1. Wade Birdinground and Rad Dejarlais, 7.04 seconds ($1,158); 2. Preston Watson and Darrel Watson, 7.26 ($1,007); 3. Blaine Small and Vernon Small, 7.53 ($856); 4. George Cummins and Casey Cummins, 7.69 ($705); 5. Tobin Cummins and Casey Cummins, 8.46 ($554); 6. Cameron Three Irons and Justin Three Irons, 9.87 ($403); 7. Brandon Armajo and Clay Gunshows, 10.92 ($252); 8. Nolan Conway and Dylan Johnson, 11.78 ($101)
Junior Barrel Racing – 1. Macy Limber Hand, 15.996 seconds ($314); 2. Kinaleh Armajo, 16.410 ($235); 3. Kenzi Fox, 16.637 ($157); 4. Leah Thompson, 16.737 ($78)
Saddle Bronc – 1. Allan Gobert, 69 points ($821); 2. Weston Mann, 68 ($684); 3. Hamley Real Bird, 67 ($547); 4. Yancy Hawley, 66 ($410); 5. Robert Wagner, 63 ($247)
Tie-down Roping – 1. Zane Not Afraid, 15.38 seconds ($869); 2. Marty Not Afraid, 15.57 ($719); 3. Emerson Long, 17.00 ($569); 4. Terrance Limber Hand, 17.12 ($420); 5. Dylan Johnson, 17.6 ($270); 6. Andre Lafrance, 19.32 ($150)
Ladies Barrel Racing – 1. Brandi Brugh, 15.550 seconds ($824); 2. Kevi Broncho, 15.579 ($682); 3. Kenzi Fox, 15.821 ($540); 4. Karlee Meyers, 16.282 ($398); 5. Carsyn Hibbs, 16.302 ($256); 6. Rhue Broncho, 16.336 ($142)
Senior Team Roping – 1. Eric C. Watson and Alfred Armajo, 7.78 seconds ($618)
Senior Team Roping – 1. Kevi Broncho and Zane Fox, 19.34 seconds ($618)
Senior Breakaway – 1. Mary Not Afraid, 2.90 seconds ($344); 2. Ivan Small, 2.94 ($258); 3. Bill Lamere, 3.29 ($172); 4. Eric C. Watson, 4.56 ($86)
Junior Breakaway – 1. Caleb Begay, 3.19 seconds ($327); 2. Justin Three Irons, 5.59 ($245); 3. Zane Fox, 12.40 ($163); 4. Rope Three Irons, 12.48 ($82)