Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Jael Birdinground, formerly of Hardin High School graduate, steals the ball during a Jan. 3 basketball competition with the Laurel Locomotives. Darrelyn Left Hand of Hardin, Terae Briggs of Pryor and Briana Toineeta of Ashland will be joining Birdinground in the competition against Wyoming’s Native American All Stars.Former Hardin High School basketball player Oliver Wallace tries to find a corner pass around a Glendive Red Devil player during a Jan. 23 skirmish. He will be joined by Zion Red Star of Hardin and Josh Smith of Northern Cheyenne Tribal School as part of the Montana Native American All Star basketball team.Hardin’s Zion Red Star goes for the basket in action against Lodge Grass last winter.  Red Star was selected for the Montana Native American All Star basketball team.

All Star Native American basketball teams to play in Crow Agency

Teams include local Crow and Northern Cheyenne players
The Montana Native American Athletic Association and co-sponsor Little Big Horn College has announced its first-time selection of high school basketball rosters for 10 boys and 10 girls, who will play Wyoming’s Native American All Stars on Friday, June 12 and Saturday, June 13 in Crow Agency. 
Tip-Off games will be held both days with the girls taking the hardwood at 6 p.m., followed by the boys at 8 p.m.
The boys team includes Oliver Wallace and Zion Red Star of Hardin, and Josh Smith of Northern Cheyenne Tribal School. The girls team includes Darrelyn Left Hand and Jael Birdinground of Hardin, Terae Briggs of Pryor, and Briana Toineeta of St. Labre.
The Montana Native American All-Star Team was established to recognize and showcase the top Native American high school graduates. Selections were based on educational endeavors, basketball performance, sportsmanship, discipline, conduct, and ability to provide a positive role model for their communities and youth.
This is the inaugural year for both the organization and newly founded Montana Native American All Star game. The MNAAA said this was a long time coming. Organizers anticipate a good turnout of basketball fans due to it being end of the school year and beginning of  summer break. 
The Montana-Wyoming Native American 2015 All Star matchup will be played at Little Big Horn College Wellness Center Gymnasium in Crow Agency. 
The boys head coach is Sam “Buddy” Windy Boy, a former MSU-Billings standout and Navy veteran; the assistant coach is Josh Stewart of Billings, former collegiate player. 
The girls head coach is Rae Howe of Bozeman, the assistant coach is Cheryl Polacek Bird Hat of Hardin, both former collegiate players.