Friday, February 23, 2018

Angelica Jo WhitemanDimarzio Swade Sanchez

Assault victim Roylynn Rides Horse dies

Two arrested in connection with burning

On April 17, a Crow Agency woman was beaten, burned and left for dead. The victim of the assault, 28-year-old Roylynn Rides Horse, died Tuesday morning around 4 a.m. while being treated at the Burn Trauma Intensive Care Unit in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A week earlier, on June 22, FBI agents arrested Dimarzio Swade Sanchez, 18, a member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, and Angelica Jo Whiteman, 23, a member of the Crow Tribe.

Sanchez and Whiteman were charged with assault with intent to commit murder, and aiding and abetting assault with intent to commit murder. The two appeared in U.S. District Court before Magistrate Judge Carolyn Ostby last Wednesday.

Rides Horse, daughter of Ernestine Pretty Weasel and Roy Rides Horse, was the mother of six children.


According to court records, witnesses at the Kirby Saloon told investigators Rides Horse and her boyfriend got into an argument, after which she asked Whiteman for a ride home.

Rides Horse and Whiteman entered the vehicle driven by Sanchez. Four others – identified as F.S., L.S., J.T. and S.F. – were also in the vehicle.

According to court records, information about what happened next came from interviews with the four undisclosed persons.

Whiteman and the four individuals allegedly left Rides Horse in a field after she was beaten, strangled and burned.

During the drive to Crow Agency, Whiteman and Rides Horse began to argue. Whiteman, who was seated in the front passenger seat, began beating Rides Horse.

Whiteman then told Sanchez to turn the vehicle around so she “could beat Rides Horse,” court records state.

Sanchez then turned around and traveled a few miles north of Castle Rock Road, located at the 17-mile marker of Highway 212 on the Crow Reservation.

After the car stopped, Whiteman reportedly dragged Rides Horse outside and continued to beat her. During the incident, Whiteman allegedly attempted to strangle Rides Horse to death and she lost consciousness.

Court documents report that Whiteman got back into the vehicle crying, saying she believed she had killed Rides Horse.

Sanchez allegedly told Whiteman that Rides Horse was still alive and took her back to where Rides Horse was still lying in the field unconscious.

 “I’m only going to show you this once,” Sanchez reportedly said, before allegedly strangling Rides Horse with a bandana.

After the strangulation, Sanchez asked one of the undisclosed passengers, identified by the initials F.S., to get a gas can from the trunk. Rides Horse was then doused with gasoline and set on fire.

According to court documents, Whiteman and Sanchez were the only two individuals near Rides Horse when she was set on fire.

After she was abandoned, Rides Horse, remained in the field for approximately 14 hours until she was discovered and given emergency medical treatment.

She was found near Castle Rock Road, one-third mile north of U.S. Highway 212, between Crow Agency and Busby.

Seeking justice

Sanchez and Whiteman were remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Both Sanchez and Whiteman waived a preliminary hearing during an appearance before Ostby in Billings.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Lori Suek asked that Sanchez and Whiteman remain in custody. Ostby ordered the pair to remain in jail pending detention hearing requests.

On June 16, about 100 Crow tribal members marched at Crow Agency to raise awareness about the attack.

Family members of Rides Horse has set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses. An account with Billings Federal Credit Union was also opened for donations and expenses.