Friday, March 23, 2018

Associate Judge Kari Coversup

Associate Judge Coversup faces two assault charges for alleged attack on partner

Two assault charges have been levied as of Dec. 27 against 42-year-old Kari Coversup, one of two associate judges working for Crow Tribal Court under Chief Judge Leroy Not Afraid. Coversup, as said in a late-October interview, has been alternating with Not Afraid to judge juvenile and criminal court cases involving drug use, driving under the influence and violent crimes.
Court documents state the alleged assault occurred at the victim’s residence in Hardin during the early morning hours of Dec. 16. The victim, referred to as “A.B.,” also was her partner as defined by Montana law.
“Kari Coversup came to A.B.’s residence and was upset with him about not returning her phone calls,” court documents state. “A.B. was lying on his side on a bed when Coversup began hitting his back and causing a cut on the left side of his forehead. Coversup also used an alcohol bottle to hit A.B. in the head.”
She continued the assault, documents state, until she “passed out at the foot of the bed.”
The following day, A.B. spoke to to Big Horn County Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas Spadt about the incident. Spadt prepared an investigative report by Dec. 20.
An arraignment for Coversup is scheduled for 9:35 a.m. on Tuesday. She is charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon – a felony crime – and one count of partner/family member assault.