Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hardin public works improvements approved across the board

Last Tuesday’s meeting of the Hardin City Council largely focused on the subject of public works, with contracting projects approved unanimously by the council.
The first proposal officially sanctioned was a pay estimate of about $61,670 from Wilsall, Mont.-based company Ace Roofing, who are repairing hail damage inflicted on roofs in the city. The company, according to Superintendent of Public Works Russell Dill, has replaced the roofs of restrooms in the local parks, the water department, wastewater treatment plant and the old intake building.
Dill said Ace Roofing will likely be done with their work within a month.
He also plans to update the city’s safety policy manual in a manner that “does not reinvent the wheel,” but adds to the current safety policy. The new policy, he said, will have forms accessible by computer that are able to be edited.
The council also approved a plan to help out the city storm drains. 
To avoid future flooding problems, Dill consulted with Helena-based civil engineering company Stahly Engineering and they agreed the southwestern section of the city storm drain line should be cleaned and TV’ed. In this case, the word “TV” refers to a televised tour of the storm drain to check for weaknesses.
According to Dill, the total cost of cleaning and TV’ing the storm drain, to be done by the Billings-based Pace Construction Company, will cost $32,500.
The southwestern storm drain runs from Terry Avenue to an open ditch at the end of the city’s train depot. Dill said the current piping, especially on Railroad Street, is old and mostly clay tile.
Finally, the council approved a restroom restoration project by Morgan Contractors at Heimat Park costing about $19,940; and $11,000 in sidewalk, curb, gutter and catch basin drainage improvements for Alex Uffelman. Uffelman will be paying $2,180 of improvement costs.
The City of Hardin’s tax revenue is expected to decrease by $13,800 this year – from $521,109 in 2014 to $507,280 this year. City taxes on homes with a market value of $100,000, therefore, will drop from $274.76 last year to $218.90 for 2015.
The next city council meeting is set for Sept. 15.