Sunday, March 18, 2018

Honey Buns co-owners Carla Lammers (left) and Whitney Fisher stand behind their business products at Sew Queen Designs in Hardin. Since the business began in October, it has expanded to an online format.

Honey Buns store takes strides in ‘baby girl fashion’

Honey Buns, a recent store in Hardin, has taken the concept of baby fashion and made it its own, with styles for new age groups on the way. Co-owners and designers Carla Lammers and Whitney Fisher began the business in October when they each had children and wanted to make something unique for them.
The store – which originated at Hardin’s Sew Queen Designs – sells a children’s fashion line. Currently, they offer headscarves, turbans and bows for newborns, but also have expanded to other age groups through adults. They regularly offer new colors and styles for their line, and each of the products are hand-sewn.
The inspiration for the name “Honey Buns,” Fisher said, was drawn from the headscarves’ design. 
“We call it a Honey Bun, because there’s a little center [in the hat] and we kept thinking it looked like a little cinnamon bun,” Fisher said.
For Lammers and Fisher, who are best friends, their new business has provided the opportunity for both them and their children to “hang out.”
“We love dressing them up,” she said, “and we know people go crazy for baby girl fashion.” 
In the time since they began, Lammers and Fisher have been active; they already are selling nationwide. The business is “100 percent Montana made,” Lammers said. “We do all the sewing and everything.” According to the Fisher, each Honey Bun headscarf takes about 10 to 15 minutes to sew and craft.
Thanks to their website,, people across the country can place orders. They also have a Facebook and Instagram page. 
Their business already has made strides towards expansion and they currently are excited at their progress. 
“We’ve talked to some boutiques around that will carry our stuff,” Lammers said. “[We] are going to expand into clothing as well.” 
There are a variety of stores expected to start carrying Honey Buns products soon in Billings and beyond. 
Honey Buns, according to Lammers, has thus far been selling their products on a daily basis. Within the next month or so, they plan to offer bell-bottom jeans.