Friday, January 19, 2018

Harry Kautzman

Kautzman sworn in as new council alderman

Tree removal approved, Relay for Life event addressed

A new alderman was sworn into the Hardin City Council at the beginning its March 17 meeting to replace former Alderman Jeremy Krebs, who moved out of Ward 3 when his family got a different house earlier in the month. Mayor Jack Lane said he and the council had wanted Krebs to stay in his position until they could find a replacement, but found out that was against the law.

“Krebs has been a very good councilman, very conscientious and hardworking,” Lane said. “I appreciated that, because that’s the kind of councilman you want, someone who’s not going to go off half-cocked. He thinks about things and he knows all about streets and alleys, and equipment.”

The person replacing Krebs will be Harry Kautzman, a 16-year veteran of the city council whose nomination was quickly approved and seconded by the aldermen. Even Cory Kenney, a Hardin business owner who in public comment contested the lack of a name given to the public regarding the new appointment, said he had “no objection” once he learned Lane’s choice.

Kautzman worked on the Streets and Alleys – Krebs’ former area of expertise – and Sewer and Water committees during his previous run as an alderman. Before he retired, Kautzman also worked on cable televisions in Hardin at a company whose name changed several times – from Hardin Cable TV when he started to USA Communications.

One area he wants to improve upon is street maintenance, as the streets are starting to “break up.”

“I’m just hoping I can do something for the residents of the City of Hardin,” he said. “I could be just as fine sitting at home and doing nothing, but being as they asked me, I thought I could help in some way.”

Primary elections for Ward 3 will be held in September, if needed, and general elections will be held Nov. 3.

Tree removal approved

The council, at the request of Jeff Huffman of Hardin Floor Covering, approved the removal of two trees blocking the entrance to his business on the 400 block of Center Avenue.

“If that was my business, I’d want them out,” Lane said.

Kenney suggested the council place in a tree to help account for the broken concrete that would result from the tree removal. Discussion among council members as to what vegetation to use included low-lying bushes, evergreens and locust trees.

Relay for Life event

Patrick Dawes of the Relay for Life Candle Crew approached the council with the idea to close off the 200 block of Center Avenue for an event on April 10 or 17 to raise money for cancer research. The council approved the event with the stipulation that Dawes get permission from the area businesses beforehand.

At press time, Dawes hadn’t ironed out exactly what the event would consist of, but said options might include a talent show or a performance by Crow singer Jared Stewart. The next city council meeting is set for April 7.