Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pictured is the front entrance sign of the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument in Crow Agency.
This map shows the revised boundary additions of the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument, which are marked in red. Tract 1-110 and 1-111 are the two areas that will be donated by the Preservation Committee.

LBH Battlefield boundary to expand by 80+ acres

The National Park Service recently announced via public notification a boundary revision that will add almost 84 acres to the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument in Crow Agency.

“The boundary adjustment is recommended,” the public notice states, “as it will provide a significant contribution in maintaining the integrity of the battlefield.”

The monument will adopt three tracts, totaling 83.82 acres of land that is immediately adjacent to the monument’s current boundary.

Two of the tracts are privately owned by the Preservation Committee and will be acquired by donation. The third tract is federally owned.

According to Park Superintendent Denice Swanke, the Preservation Committee owns about 3,000 acres of surrounding land with another 300 estimated in easements.

“These [84 donated] acres are the only ones we can accept without congressional action,” Swanke said.

This boundary revision will bring the park’s total size to around 850 acres.

As stated by the public notice, “the inclusion of these tracts within the national monument will ensure preservation and protection of the monument’s scenic and historic resources.”

For more information, contact National Park Service Chief Realty Officer Stephen Muyskens at (303) 969-2610.