Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Big Horn County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Atkinson speaks with a fellow deputy about the Tuesday hit-and-run of a power pole. Sheriff’s deputies blocked Railroad Street in front the Hardin Depot for more than two hours while waiting for NorthWestern Energy to respond from Billings to clear away the power lines and pole.

Semi knocks down power pole Tuesday, three businesses lose power

Exactly what happened at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday morning is not quite certain yet, but what is known is that a semi truck took out a power pole and tipped over a garbage can at Hardin Depot parking lot. 
When the pole was struck, three businesses along the 200 block of Center Avenue and Railroad Street lost power.
Law enforcement from the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office blocked Railroad Street for more than two hours until NorthWestern Energy responded with a crew out of Billings to remove the pole and lines from the ground.
Without power Tuesday afternoon were the old Hardin Depot that houses the Chamber of Commerce on Railroad Street; and Mason Brother Electric and American Title & Escrow on Center Avenue.
According to Chamber of Commerce Secretary Dorothy Stenerson, “The chamber lost not only its power line, but telephone and Internet line as well.” 
All the lines to the chamber office were down and their parking lot light was damaged.
The American Title & Escrow building was also damaged when the power pole came down, tearing the lines out of the meter and damaging the bricks to the building when the conduit that was bolted to the wall was pulled out.
The semi left the scene of the accident and, according to Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Atkinson, “The incident is ongoing and under investigation.”