Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Shawna Wilson

Shawna Wilson of Crow Agency pleads guilty to assaulting man she accused of sexually abusing her son

A Crow Agency woman pleaded guilty Tuesday at U.S. District Court in Billings to assault with a dangerous weapon, saying she believed the victim had been sexually abusing her son. Both her son and the victim have denied any abuse when speaking to investigators.
Shawna Wilson, 36, admitted to the crime as part of a plea agreement that dismisses one count of discharge of a firearm in relation to a violent crime.
Court documents state the incident occurred Nov. 3, 2015, when Wilson drove to the victim’s Crow Agency trailer with her boyfriend in a white SUV. The victim was outside of his house at the time.
During a “heated discussion” about the alleged abuse, Wilson grabbed a pistol from the passenger side of the SUV and pointed it at the victim. According to Wilson’s boyfriend, this move was surprising, as he had expected a verbal confrontation and didn’t know Wilson had a gun.
After turning herself into the police station following the incident, Wilson admitted to shooting the victim, but added that it was in self-defense, as he allegedly tried to stab her and had a gun. 
Two women outside the victim’s house who witnessed the incident contradicted this account when speaking with investigators, saying the man was on his porch when Wilson began shooting and did not have a weapon himself. In addition, Wilson’s boyfriend did not confirm her account. For his part, the victim denied having “a knife, gun or even a confrontation (except with words) with Wilson.”
“The victim ran back into his trailer because he believed Wilson was going to shoot him,” court documents state. “She did.”
At least six bullets entered the victim’s trailer and one hit him in the lower leg.
Both Wilson and her boyfriend confirmed that, as they drove away from the scene, she threw the pistol out the SUV window. It has not been recovered.
Wilson awaits sentencing at the Yellowstone County Jail. She faces a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment, a $250,000 fine and three years of supervised release.