Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jalen Two Leggins crosses the finish line in first place in the 800-meter run. Two Leggins ran the race in 2:07. He also placed second in the 1,600 meter.Stephen Not Afraid edges Fergus’ Brock Butcher in the 100 meter dash at the Fergus Invitational on Saturday. Not Afraid placed first with a time of 11.3.Mei-Li Sevens pushes herself during the girls’ 1,600-meter run. Stevens finished the race in third place with a time of 6:05.2.

Bulldogs place in 16 events at Lewistown

The Hardin Bulldog track team placed 11 athletes in 16 events at the Golden Eagle Track Invite last weekend, taking third overall and netting two first place finishes.
Stephen Not Afraid placed first in the 100 meter dash, crossing the finish line with a time of 11.3. In addition to his first place dash, Not Afraid also placed second in the 200 meter with a time of 23.47. Jalen Two Leggins ran the 800 in 2:07, for another first place finish for the Bulldogs, and ran the 1,600 meter in 4:50.05 for a second place finish. These times were personal bests for Two Leggins.
David Prather, placed in three events, taking fourth in the 800 and 3,200, and fifth in the 1,600 meter run.
Prather ran a personal best in the 1600 with a time of 5:02.63.
Placing sixth in the 300 hurdles for the boys was Keenan Hooker with a time of 47.81. In the high jump Tyler Enemy Hunter also placed sixth with a leap of 5.0.
In the shot put, Hardin had placed two: Johnny Morgan and Brandon Little Owl. Morgan placed fifth with a throw of 37-8 and Little Owl pushed his way to sixth with a toss of 36-9.
In girl’s action, Hardin placed in seven events. An the top for the girls was Elissa Lind, who placed second in two events: the long jump and triple jump, with leaps of 15-1 and 30-11 ½ respectively. In her long jump she achieved a personal best.
Mei-Li Stevens placed in two events. She ran the 3,200 to a second place finish with a time of 13:12.09 and took third place in the 1,600 running it in 6:02.5. Stevens ran both races to personal best finishes.
Karissa Dushane took third in the javelin with a throw of 88-9. In addition, she scored fifth place in the 800 meter run with a time of 3:08.1. 
In the 100 hurdles, Shelby Uffelman took sixth place with a time of 19:45.
Tuesday, Keaunna Mason and Stephen Not Afraid qualified for and competed in the top ten tournament in Laurel. This tournament is an all class event and includes all schools within a 150 mile radius of Billings. Only the top athletes can compete in this event.
On Friday, the freshman will be at Billings West. They will then travel to Miles City on Saturday for the Cowboy Invitational. 
Golden Eagle Invitational at Lewistown (team scores)
Fergus 284, Harlem 66, Hardin 59, Malta  57, Chinook  48, Hobson  3, Roy / Winifred  3
100: Stephen Not Afraid, Hardin, 11.3; Brock Butcher, Lewistown, 11.36; Haiden Collins, Lewistown, 11.83; Damon Adams, Harlem, 11.9; Dalton Farra, Lewistown, 12.0; Bhikh Waheed, Roy-Winifred 12.06.
200: Bock Butcher, Lewistown, 22.9; Stephen Not Afraid, Hardin, 23.47; Haiden Collins, Lewistown, 24.2; Damon Adams, Harlem, 24.37; Kyle Gauthier, Lewistown, 24.68; Allen Williamson, Malta, 24.86.
800: Jalen Two Leggins, Hardin, 2:07.0; Ty Parsons, Lewistown, 2:10.1; Travis Roth, Chinook, 2:13.0; Landon Henderson, Lewistown, 2:14.1; David Prather, Hardin, 2:15.5; Kevin Bingham, Hobson, 2:16.6.
1,600: Ty Parsons, Lewistown, 4:48.49; Jalen Two Leggins, Hardin, 4:50.05; Noah Majerus, Lewistown, 4:52.29; Kyler Johnson, Chinook, 4:56.87; David Prather, Hardin, 5:02.63; Austin Brand, Lewistown, 5:06.18.
3,200: Noah Majerus, Lewistown, 10:54.5; Kyler Johnson, Chinook, 11:09.5; Austin Brand, Lewistown, 11:13.5; David Prather, Hardin, 11:38.5; Kai Krumwiede, Lewistown, 11:57.7; Alex Wickens, Lewistown, 12:02.6.
300 hurdles: Haiden Collins, Lewistown, 42.21; James Derheim, Lewistown, 43.16; Dylan Sipe, Lewistown, 43.28; Cody McCracken, Chinook, 44.25; Devon Raybon, Malta, 46.86; Kennan Hooker, Hardin, 47.81.
400 relay: Hardin 47.67; Malta 47.84; Lewistown 48.0; Harlem 49.28; Chinook 49.31.
High jump: Devon Raybon, Malta, 5-6; Tyus Hammett, Harlem, 5-4; Landon Henderson, Lewistown, 5-4; Gavin Betts, Harlem, 5-4; Darke Henson, Lewistown, 5-2; Tyler Enemy Hunter, Hardin, 5-0.
Shot put: Tyson Bristol, Lewistown, 41-4; Matt Harrison, Lewistown, Reece Hutton, Harlem, 39-8; Wade Schneider, Chinook, 38-2½; Johnny Morgan, Hardin, 37-8; Brandon Little Owl, Hardin, 36-9.
Malta  154, Fergus  150, Chinook  84, Hobson  48, Hardin  39, Roy / Win  7
800: Christina Eike, Hobson, 2:45.4; Maria Henderson, Lewistown, 2:48.1; Courtney Brand, Lewistown, 2:49.5; Riley Mortenson, Malta, 2:53.3; Karissa Dushane, Hardin, 3:08.1; Joanie Sjostrom, Malta, 3:10.9.
1,600: Kaitlyn Poss, Lewistown, 5:59.68; Madison Rogers, Lewistown, 6:02.08; Mei-Li Stevens, Hardin, 6:02.5; Christina Eike, Hobson, 6:03.8; Hannah Weber, Chinook, 6:13.1; Maria Henderson, Lewistown, 6:15.97.
3,200: Kaitlyn Poss, Lewistown, 12:54.7; Mei-Li Stevens, Hardin, 13:12.09; Madison Rogers, Lewistown, 13:26.6; Val Talks Different, Harlem, 14:11.9; Ryley Ritchey, Lewistown, 15:14.9; Vinnessa Lundstrom, Chinook, 17:19.0.
100 hurdles: Sophia Stiles, Malta, 16.59; Ember Drivdahl, Hobson, 17.05; Nicole Karhi, Lewistown, 17.94; Marley Manoukian, Malta, 18.15; Taylor Neibauer, Chinook, 18.75; Shelby Uffelman, Hardin, 19.45.
Long jump: Sophia Stiles, Malta, 16-10; Elissa Lind, Hardin, 15-1; Annie Adkins, Lewistown, 14-3½; Abigail Ellison, Chinook, 14-1; Sheanna Larson, Lewistown, 13-5; Hannah Pallas, Roy-Winifred, 12-8½.
Triple jump: Sophia Stiles, Malta, 35-10¼; Elissa Lind, Hardin, 30-11½; Ivy Southworth, Lewistown, 30-1; Jaegen Hughes, Hobson, 29-5½; Whitney Weeden, Lewistown, 28-6.
Javelin: Britney Nelson, Chinook, 99-10; Kailyn Smith, Malta, 97-2; Karissa Dushane, Hardin, 88-9; Mary Grace Kalal, Malta, 85-9; Shay Garfield, Malta, 85-9; Brooke Elliot, Chinook, 85-0.