Friday, January 19, 2018

Stephen Not Afraid runs to victory in the 200 meter run. Not Afraid also took first place in the 100 meter and ran on the boys 400 and 1,600 meter relays.
The Lady Bulldogs placed three in the 100 hurdles in Glendive last week. Mikayla Jefferson took first place, Sarah Murdock fourth and Shelby Uffelman fifth.
Elissa Lind took first place in the triple jump at the Eastern A divisional in Glendive. Lind will be seeing state action Friday in Laurel.
The Lady Bulldogs placed three in the 100 hurdles in Glendive last week. Mikayla Jefferson took first place, Sarah Murdock fourth and Shelby Uffelman fifth.

Bulldogs win six events at Glendive Eastern A divisional tournament

Not Afraid and Mason each take two first place finishes

The Hardin Bulldog track teams won six events and placed in 20 at the Eastern A divisional tournament held in Glendive last Thursday.

“I was very pleased,” Head Coach Laura Sundheim said. “They all brought their A game.” 

Sixteen Bulldogs will be traveling to Laurel on Friday for the Class A state tournament.

The Lady Bulldogs took home first place in four events and the boys team placed first in two.

In girls action, Keaunna Mason took home first place in the shot put with a throw of 42-03.75, besting the next best throw by just over nine feet. Mason, as stated in previous articles, is rated the top thrower in any class period. Mason also took home a first place finish in the discus with a throw of 127-00, a personal best according to Sundheim. In addition, she placed in two other events, taking home a second place victory in the 300 hurdles and a fifth place finish in the javelin.

Mikayla Jefferson took home first place in the 100 hurdles with a time of 17.12 and third place in the 300 hurdles.

The Bulldogs had two other athletes place in the 100 hurdles. Sarah Murdock took fourth place and Shelby Uffelman placed fifth. Both Murdock and Uffelman ran their personal best times in this event.

The Lady Bulldogs also took first place in the triple jump with Elissa Lind’s jump of 33.04. She won the event by a margin of one inch.

Taylor Snyder placed in two events, taking home fourth in both the 100 and 400 meter runs. In the 3,200 meter run Mei Li Stevens brought home a third place finish with her run of 12:39.66.

The Lady Bulldog 100 meter relay team will also be going to state for their fifth place finish. Running for Hardin are Jefferson, Talia Trevino, Lind and Snyder.

In boy’s action, the Bulldogs took home first place in two events. Stephen Not Afraid won both the 100 and 200 meter runs. He ran the 100 in 11.15 and the 200 in 22.55.

The boys had two placers in the 800 meter run, with Jalen Two Leggins taking a second place finish 2:04.35 and Ezekiel Coyote Runs running the event in 2:08.57. According to Coach Cindy Farmer that was a personal best for Coyote Runs.

They also had two runners place in the 1,600: Two Leggins took fourth with David Prather right behind at fifth. Two Leggins ran his personal best time in this event.

Prather took a second fifth place win in the 3,200 with a time of 10:43.98. 

Kennan Hooker took home a third place finish in the 110 hurdles with a time of 17:89 and placed fourth in the 300 hurdles running it in 43.96.

Hardin will be sending both their 400 and 1,600 relay teams to state. The 400 relay took fourth place and the 1600 relay fifth.  Running the 400 were Hooker, Michael Parra, Isaac Mendoza and Not Afraid. The 1,600 was ran by Not Afraid, Coyote Runs, Tyler Enemy Hunter and Two Leggins.

Hardin will be in Laurel Friday for the state meet with the first events starting at 9 a.m. 


Eastern A divisional

At Glendive


Team scores: 1. Laurel 125, 2. Billings Central 98, 3. Glendive 90, 4. Sidney 89, 5. Miles City 68, 6. Hardin 56.

100: Stephen Not Afraid, Har, 11.15; Michael Gulledge, BC, 11.25; Timmy Regan, MC, 11.54; Brandon Kubitz, Lau, 11.57; Isaiah Renner, Lau, 11.67; Jared Craig, Lau, 11.74

200: Stephen Not Afraid, Har, 22.55; Michael Gulledge, BC, 23.24; Dalton Larsen, Gle, 23.66; Isaiah Renner, Lau, 23.77; Dawson McGlothlin, Sid, 24.03; Ian Hecker, BC, 24.06

800: Tristan Hilgart, Gle, 2:02.24; Jalen Two Leggins, Har, 2:04.35; Bradley Heimbigner, Lau, 2:06.18; Ezekiel Coyote Runs, Har, 2:08.57; Ben Longbottom, Lau, 2:09.74; Carson Barnosky, MC, 2:09.98.

1,600: Ty Mogan, Lau, 4:32.31; Austin Stradley, MC, 4:33.37; Ashton Jones, Gle, 4:37.48; Jalen Two Leggins, Har, 4:41.11; David Prather, Har, 4:47.91; Ben Longbottom, Lau, 4:48.45.

3,200: Ty Mogan, Lau, 9:47.39; Ashton Jones, Gle, 10:28.06; Tate Thompson, BC, 10:36.56; Ase Ackerman, Gle, 10:37.84; David Prather, Har, 10:43.98; Christian Anglesey, Sid, 10:50.69.

110 hurdles: Zac Allen, Lau, 15.72; Wyatt Roe, BC, 16.3; Kennan Hooker, Har, 17.89; Christian Anglesey, Sid, 17.91; Carver Thompson, Lau, 17.99; RJ Gill, Lau, 18.28.

300 hurdles: Zac Allen, Lau, 41.79; Tyler Quilling, Sid, 42.14; Colin Holetz, BC, 43.59; Kennan Hooker, Har, 43.96; Tyler Burk, MC, 44.18; RJ Gill, Lau, 44.22.

400 relay: Laurel 44.75; Billings Central 44.94; Sidney 45.78; Hardin 45.95; Miles City 45.99.

1,600 relay: Laurel, 3:29.54; Miles City, 3:30.34; Glendive, 3:31.37; Sidney, 3:35.26; Hardin, 3:42.36; Billings Central, 3:44.81.


Team scores: 1. Laurel 132, 2. Miles City 102.5, 3. Hardin 81.5, 4. Billings Central 74, 5. Glendive 71, 6. Sidney 65.

100: Brittney Peaslee, MC, 13.22; Mariah Wittman, BC, 13.25; Taylor Ludwig, Lau, 13.27; Taylor Snyder, Har, 13.51; Kyra Elmer, Lau, 13.62; Shianne Gordon, BC, 13.74

200: Mariah Wittman, BC, 27.13; Brittney Peaslee, MC, 27.24; Taylor Ludwig, Lau, 27.56; Shianne Gordon, BC, 27.57; Kyra Elmer, Lau, 27.79; Taylor Snyder, Har, 28.13

400: Kendra Zander, Gle, 1:01.51; Taylor Ludwig, Lau, 1:01.85; Mariah Wittman, BC, 1:02.87; Taylor Snyder, Har, 1:03.24; Bre Reilly, Lau, 1:03.25; Shianne Gordon, BC, 1:03.54

3,200: Emily Regan, MC, 12:19.08; Courtney Hallock, Lau, 12:23.65; Mei-Li Stevens, Har, 12:39.66; Lexi Gradwohl, Lau, 12:43.31; Alexa Horrell, BC, 12:45.98; Tess Ler, Sid, 12:56.56

100 hurdles: Mikayla Jefferson, Har, 17.12; Jaley Wyse, Gle, 17.81; Meghan Brence, MC, 18.3; Sarah Murdock, Har, 18.47; Shelby Uffelman, Har, 18.63, Caila Macomber, Lau, 18.68

300 hurdles: Jaley Wyse, Gle, 50; Keaunna Mason, Har, 51.02; Mikayla Jefferson, Har, 51.43; Olivia Hanser, BC, 51.78; Caila Macomber, Lau, 51.85; McKenna Goettlich, Lau, 52.19

400 relay: Laurel 51.86; Billings Central 52.53; Miles City 52.92; Sidney 53.76; Hardin 54.44.

1,600 relay: Billings Central 4:18.24; Laurel 4:18.26; Sidney 4:21.8; Miles City 4:25.03; Glendive 4:31.14; Hardin, 4:36.6.

Triple jump: Elissa Lind, Har, 33-4; Kadie Heinle, MC, 33-3; Jaley Wyse, Gle, 32-6; Emmy Fowler, Lau, 35-5¼; Jade Smith, BC, 32-1; Hailey Steinbeisser, Sid, 31-2½.

Shot put: Keaunna Mason, Har, 42-3¾; Hailey Steinbeisser, Sid, 33-11; Kayla O’Toole, Lau, 33-1¾; Abbie Lohof, Lau, 33-1; Amanda Letke, MC, 33; Amanda Mittlestadt, Gle, 32-8½.

Discus: Keaunna Mason, Har, 127; Hailey Steinbeisser, Sid, 111-8; Abbie Lohof, Lau, 104-11; Emily Findlay, MC, 104-3; Savanna Keiser, Gle, 104; Paige O’Toole, Lau, 103-10

Javelin: Hailey Steinbeisser, Sid, 112-3; Jordan Baxter, Sid, 111-10; Shelby Gordon, BC, 104-10; Jamie Barta, Lau, 103-11; Keaunna Mason, Har, 102-9; Amanda Mittlestadt, Gle, 96-8.