Saturday, February 24, 2018

The student government for Crow Agency Public Schools stand outside the school with the governor of Montana. From the left: student Vice Chairman Diego Limpy, Vice Secretary Nicole Little Owl, Gov. Steve Bullock, Chairman Albert Gros Ventre Jr. and Secretary Korral Packs the Hat.

Crow Agency students discuss goals and aspirations with governor of Montana

On Oct. 22, student government officials at Crow Agency Public School were nervous and filled with excitement as they greeted Gov. Steve Bullock. The students gave him a tour of their campus, and visited with him about their goals and their challenges.
He, in turn, shared that he initially lost his first election in the seventh grade but did not give up; he also stressed the importance of working hard and obtaining an education. When the governor asked Student Body Chairman Albert Gros Ventre Jr. what he wants to be when he is grown up, he replied, “the real chairman.” 
“This was a great opportunity to give our students to visiting with Governor Bullock and to display that our students are strong, smart and capable,” said Principal Jason Cummins. 
Students at Crow had to campaign as well as give a speech to the student body in last month’s school elections. 
The fifth grade class is planning to do some community outreach and student activities, and is busy fundraising for their student banquet to be held in the spring of 2015. They meet weekly to learn about developing leadership, goal setting, taking responsibility and understanding the power of positive choices. 
Vice Chairman Diego Limpy wants to go to college at Montana State University, Secretary Korral Packs the Hat wants to play college football and enlist in the military, and Vice Secretary Nicole Little wants to become a teacher.