Friday, March 23, 2018

Rams forward Zak Ait Ahmadouali goes for a layup against Stone Child College on Saturday. Head Coach Rumeal Good Luck described this game as “lights out” for the opposing team, with the Rams winning by 64 points.Rams guard Keen Whitewolf shoots through two Stone Child College defenders. He scored 10 points against the opposing team in the game.

DeeJay Lazy Boy breaks college 3-pointer record in Rams Classic

LBHC team defeats two teams on the road to conference play
The Little Big Horn College Rams men’s basketball team had a productive weekend, according to Head Coach Rumeal Good Luck, with DeeJay Lazy Boy breaking the school’s 3-pointer record and the college defeating two teams. During his record-breaking home game on Saturday against Stone Child College of Box Elder, Mont., Lazy Boy managed to score thirteen 3-pointers and 41 points overall.
The Rams shot triple digits in both games, defeating Blackfeet Community College 109-64 on Friday and Stone Child College 136-72 on Saturday.
The Stone College game, Good Luck said, was “lights out” in scoring against the opposing team.
“We ran out of room in the book,” he said.
According to Good Luck, the Rams had a strong defense and stronger offense during the games, though they need to improve on communication to function well as a cohesive unit.
He didn’t know at the time of the interview how well the Rams would match up against the other conference teams, but he believes they can remain competitive.
“We can really shoot the three ball,” Good Luck said. “We’re a hard-nosed team that likes to grind it out for a full 40 minutes.”
Five players shall be returning from last year for this season: Lazy Boy, Dallas Lussier, Zak Ait Ahmadouali, Marty Wallace and Cody Meeks. The team has 10 players in total.
The top shooter for the Rams against Blackfeet Community College was Wallace with 23 points; followed by Jason Calf Robe with 18; Ahmadouali with 12; Lussier with 10; Milo Paz with 9; Keen Whitewolf; Chad Cunningham and Meeks with 8; Lazy Boy with 7; and Dominique LaForge with 2.
Lazy Boy led the game against Stone Child with his aforementioned 41 points; followed by Ahmadouali with 23; Paz with 15; Cunningham, Wallace and Calf Robe with 11; White Wolf with 10; Lussier with 9; and LaForge with 6.